Hey guys finally our first Brazil Vlog. We had  a lot issues with the internet in Brazil so wasn’t possible to post right away.

Sorry for that, but now WE ARE BACK!

We are still learning how to do VLOGS so please be patient with us. If you have any tips on how to vlog better leave your comments below and we will read carefully. We will always try give the best of us to you.

If you travel to Brazil you NEED to do this hike in MORRO DOIS IRMÃOS.
If you google it you will know all about it. GO!

The beach that we prefer is BARRA DA TIJUCA. The breeze that flows through makes the sun easier to handle.
Kite surfers dream !

Rio is an amazing place but for safety reasons try to avoid using your cell phone, camera or anything that has value while  you walk on the street, especially in places like Copacabana, Leblon and Ipanema.

You NEED to eat FEIJOADA (pronounced feshwaahda) Typical Brazilian food and it’s delicious! The oficial day for this is on SATURDAYS

USE SUNBLOCK!!! The sun and UV rays are stronger than most people are used to.

Amazing place as you can see in the video =)


Thank you for watching! We love you!

💖💖Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe !!💖💖





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  1. Hi, girls ! Cool video. Congratulation.
    However, let me tell you. You were at the top of the Pedra Bonita. The view is from Barra da Tijuca. Morro Dois Irmãos is between Leblon and São Conrado. I hope you come back to know more places.

  2. Beware of pick pockets and street muggings.
    Do not wear jewery
    Try travel in groups with local friends
    At night, avoid walking on the streets alone
    Keep digital cameras and cell fones in your pocket
    Don't leave belongings unattended especially at beaches

  3. kamily says:

    nossa que lindas ❤

  4. é o amor pela outra é falta de atenção na hora de escrever e acabo errando

  5. cara vocês são lindas juntas .parabéns por esse amor que tem uma oela outra

  6. Im coming to Brazil Sooon I can't wait

  7. Olá, queria saber sobre o local, com essa vista maravilhosa, que vocês ficaram. Onde posso encontra-lo e se está disponível para aluguel?

  8. what hotel did you guys stay in???

  9. Hi!! I did a roadtrip in Cancun with my girlfriend! it was amazing, go check it out the first episode is in my channel!

  10. Dayana Souza says:

    todos seus videos sao em ingles agora ?

  11. I'm always looking forwards to videos I love y'all #couplegoals more videos and long the ur editing skills. 😂😂😂🙏🏻🙏🏽🙏🏽

  12. Mina OK says:

    lol nina's "gringa"

  13. Vocês são demais, me divirto com os vídeos, so estou esperando a legenda kkk

  14. I'm in love with u girls OmgI love you so much 😭❤

  15. que máximo estão no Brasil. O que a Nina achou, Angelis?

  16. Skye Baby says:

    Do you guys have a workout routine? If you do can you do s video on how you guys stay healthy and your workout routine???? Please?

  17. Skye Baby says:

    What days do you post on?

  18. Suzana Alves says:

    quantos dias vc vai ficar em LA? por que a Nina não foi com vc?

  19. Nossa! como são lindas! ❤ que casal lindo! duas estrelas que brilham intensamente! parece que nasceram uma p outra…Não parem de gravar videos, eu viciei em vcs, rsrs…e esse amor de vcs, aiai! sem comentários ne?! amor de alma! quero fazer uma pergunta? como foi a sensação do primeiro beijo? e como foi a primeira vez de vcs?❤

  20. Angelissssssss como é bom te ver Feliz é saber que tem uma pessoinha lindaa te fazendo tão bem, ameii esta alegria este amor lindoooooo de vocês que contagia.. Angelis & Nina ameiiiii o canal já me inscrevi aki e acistindo todos os Vídeos😍😍 bjs

  21. Hey guys 😀
    Im a Belgian girl moving to Iparana – Caucaia in September ! Going to be there as a vet student working on my marine mammals thesis 🙂 I was soooo happy to found your channel I mean Gay and Brazil at the same time what else ?
    also thanks to you I've discovered that Amigo Grongo guy and now his videos are hella helping me with learning Portugese so thanks ! Was thinking maybe you two can do more videos on how everything works in Brazil, adaptation tips, where to have fun and LGBT matters stuff like that ?
    Love you cuties <3

  22. esse "NOSSA"da Nina eh o melhor kkkkkkkkk

  23. Tyler Hart says:

    Can't wait😍👶🏼

  24. Tyler Hart says:

    I'm new here but will u too ever have kids💞

  25. O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo. <3

  26. Liverbird 55 says:

    I do enjoy your vlogs and you are the cutest couple ever ❌⭕️❌⭕️♥️👍🏼

  27. Too short! Loved how 'out of shape' Nina was! And definitely Chanel's beach fur too!

  28. nossaaaaaa! foram passear e nem me comunicaram hein?! senti sds…poxa! responda minhas mensagens😢

  29. rosalia8871 says:


  30. camila lira says:

    acho tão bonitinho a Nina falando Noossa 😍😍😍😍😍

  31. Can Nina drive? Do you ladies own a car back in NY?

  32. Elon de Melo says:

    "Hey guys finally our first Brazil Vlog. We had a lot issues with the internet in Brazil so wasn't possible to post right away." LOL
    Welcome to Brazil, I'm from Rio de Janeiro too, but have I a good conection/internet. If you was using WiFi from Hotel, and many people using at same time, it get really slow. =) Sorry for my english, I don't know english well. More 1 subscriber!

  33. Gente, me beslica! Elas respondem aos comentários!
    Eu não estava nem acreditando!!!
    Amo vcs, adorando o canal. Energia muito positiva.

  34. Sue Razak says:

    Omg ..!! I admire you guys so much. Just watching your videos makes me forget the tough day I had.! You guys are like my stress busters .. haha.. I love you guys so much.. keep posting more.. waiting to hear nina's Brazil experience..❤️

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