The Truth About Modern Art

Why is modern art so terrible and what does it say about our society?

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  1. Donnie Twump says:


    -Drill Sergeant From Full Metal Jacket

  2. John Kramer says:

    There is a artist who actually presses bags of paint through her vagina so that they burst on a canvas. Or some people just make a hole into a can and let the paint flow down. Lol like honestly what talent is required for that?

  3. juanpink says:

    The problem is artists used to think of a meaning and then make it happen, which is harder… than making something and then making up its meaning.

  4. Helpertin says:

    For me, the turning away moment from modern art was when I got a chance to visit the Hurshhorn in Washing DC. And don't get me wrong, there are fine sculptures and works of actual art, such as General Nuke which is my personal favorite of the collection. But I did come across a painting that was 3 plain vertical blue stripes on an blank canvas… that sold for $70,000. Unreal. More money then I make in a year for what had to have amounted to an hour at most… well, the world is a very strange place.

  5. the bmw of news man, Paul can you PLEASE DO ONE ON ABRAMOVICH! I am so sick of the fartists talking about how amazing she is…. BLAH!

  6. How can pjw go from criticizing modern art ( his points might be valid as they are only his opinion plus if he knew about jeff koons being the highest paid living artist…hooh boy!) To criticizing islam (yet again) like a demented bitch

  7. Chris Yowell says:

    It's Not Art if I say it Isn't! Chris Yowell AKA @Twittisist 1972
    Also designated 'Conceptual Ar't as 'Contraceptual Art!' in 1970

  8. What the heck did you just show me? This art is soooo gross.

  9. Hahaha! You’re an idiot. ????????

  10. Add to these reasons, i think there is money laundering under the speculation of the artwork. Which permit to keep a hand on investment. Sometime, just family or friends of powerfull people. I remember this discution with a producer wich told me that all music directory in hollywood are often brother in perdition of the director…

  11. I just went on OS Paint, made a blue box, divided it into 8 smaller squares and filled in the squares with different colours… GIMME MY MONEY!

  12. credenza1 says:

    The first requirement of art is technical mastery. Everything else is merely arrangements of things. This is why the Tate Modern should properly be known as the Tate Midden.

  13. It's an emperor's new clothes effect

  14. Bogdan Vera says:

    You have to try really hard to be triggered by a painting of some abstract squares, but you can always count on conservatives.

  15. Renzo says:

    Why was the name Kunstmuseum ironically appropriate for a modern art museum?
    Kunst means art in German.
    I think it's important, if you have a quarrel with conceptual art,not to condemn all modern art.

  16. Renzo says:

    I watched a video entitled. " Who's Afraid of Conceptual Art?"
    The narrator says, in defense of the 'concept' part of conceptual art:

    'Art without ideas is just decoration, isn't it ?”
    I replied:
    What are van Gogh's ideas?
    What are Edward Hopper's 'ideas’?
    Look at the final floral still lifes of Edouard Manet.
    Are they mere ‘ decoration’ ?
    Art can be without ideas and still be much more than decoration !
    Perhaps conceptual art is ideas without art!

    Now, I have to say that, although I think most conceptual art is nonsense, I do love the work of Henri Matisse.
    I don't think he deserves to be lumped in with the conceptual artists at all!
    I think it was unreasonable to represent Matisse by showing his paper cut-out called The Snail.
    It is, perhaps, his one most purely non-representational piece.
    But just take a look at his still life " Safrano Roses At The Window".
    I can't explain why I love it.
    Perhaps being a painter myself, I can appreciate its qualities.

  17. Literally one of the realest and authentic videos with controlled frustration I have seen in a while. This was better than watching most modern movies as well.

  18. You look like this topic is about to make you cry

  19. yoshisaba says:

    Enough said and Well said!!!!!!

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