Trump channeling Ronald Reagan in national security speech: Art Laffer

Former economic advisor to President Ronald Reagan, Art Laffer, weighs in on President Donald Trump’s “America First” national security strategy.


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  1. Leonard Wong says:

    Remember to support local businesses to help revitalize your economy.

  2. Jim Brady says:

    check out this video to see how crazy corrupt those in Power are  in NYSate. No one admited seeing anything wronh

  3. Dave Wooten says:

    A major Press Conference is needed to explain all this. what would it be?? You already know 🙂 Nite

  4. He sounds more like Hitler. I can't remember reagan talking about Islam. Reagan hated Russia.

  5. Bezz80 says:

    Trump a Nazi rat..traitor to America.

  6. Steel Here says:

    Trump reminds us of an Olympic gold medal winning professional athlete.

  7. Fabulous. Thank You God for this fine President.

  8. Trump's EPA Literally Exploded With Sh*t

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