72 Hours in Bucharest | xameliax Travel Vlog

Me and LoseitlikeLauren head to Bucharest with Birmingham airport who have just opened a new route to see why Romania should be your next city break location!

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Full Details and Travel Blog: http://wp.me/p4XuOi-5bb

A huge thank you to Birmingham Airport for flying us over there, Mr Tripp for taking us to Dracula’s Castle and Therme Bucharesti for pampering us on our last day!
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  1. eddy edi says:

    more west europeans should visit eastern europe to change their perspective about us.people these days believe more in bad tv advertising.welcome to romania.

  2. Hey! I'm glad you liked Romania, next time when you will visit Bucharest, you should also go to People's house, Cismigiu Gardens, Herastrau park, Arc de Triomphe, Romanian Atheneum, and I can also recommend you a lovely bar named Linea-closer to the moon. You should also visit Bucovina and Maramures (a ride with Mocanita in Viseul de sus is a must!!), if you like nature, good food, and peaceful places, you'll love this regions of Romania. Much, much love from Romania! <3

  3. Avi Neimatov says:

    So beautiful ayes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Abi Slabi says:

    I'm Romanian but in uk soon in 2 days I'm going to Romania back to my country finally for ever

  5. Wonderful review of my city. Thanks a lot and God bless you.
    I already add this video to my Favorites and I'm promoting it intensively

  6. sweepy90 says:

    Don't come in winter time. it sucks.

  7. AndraMe04 says:

    sending you hugs from Romania !! I loooved your vlog 🙂

  8. naly202 says:

    I do hope the guides told you that the thing about Dracula's castle is a huge lie and (while honouring Vlad Tepes as a just ruler and a hero- in spite of his cruelty) Romanians deeply resent the stupid Dracula myth invented by a chap who's never been here.
    BUT! I'm jolly glad that the myth brought you here!!!!!!

  9. naly202 says:

    wow! you girls are really kind! I'm glad you've enjoyed visiting our country.
    perhaps we should start learning from foreign tourists that Ro is indeed a beautiful country and we should stop complaining.

  10. thetopcoder says:

    Thanks for promoting Romania!
    P.S.: You have great teeth ;)!

  11. Video Vix says:

    Awesome vlog! thank you. You should visit Tel Aviv Israel!

  12. I suppose to be in a business trip to Romania for a week and I wind up staying for a month, the place its so reach in culture and history. The energy of that country it is so vibrant with really nice people and a lot to do, I felt pooled back in time when I visited the country side and almost didn't feel like going back to UK. Romania needs some promotion because most western European countries are like scared to present what's good about it and now I see why, are afraid that Romania pretty soon will take tourism business from them because are able to offer more. Its a very save country, 95% christian population, awesome weather, magical geography, great food, very affordable prices, almost every one speaks English and much more, Can't wait to visit black sea this summer

  13. romania has great people great food, and beautiful things to see at every turn! lipscani district and caru cu bere is an experience not to be missed, sarmale, micci, n mamaliga along with their great beers, ursus and ciuc!

  14. Dragos Z says:

    Why are you so beautiful? 🙂

  15. dexblabla22 says:

    you two are so cute and seem so nice..hope you come back to Romania <3

  16. You two gorgeous angels are welcome to come back any time.

  17. kelly51757 says:

    I can't wait to visit Romania ???????? on Sept.????

  18. Ina Petrisor says:

    You are cute!we are waiting again in Romania!

  19. Is it safe to travel alone? Planning to go there on the Easter weekend if okay to travel alone.

  20. 711honved says:

    I have been to Bucharest many times but wouldn't recommend it as a major European city break destination. Nicolae Ceaușescu demolished much of the old city in his quest for 'equality'. Many of the beautiful old villas have gone only to be replaced by ugly grey Soviet style blocks. There is very little of the city's 'Little Paris' heritage left to see. Anyone from Bucharest also knows that the weather can be brutal with summer temps of 35c plus & bitterly cold winters. Your video shows almost nothing of Bucharest & you should go back to visit it properly sometime…..definitely not August!

  21. Only 72 hours? You need 72 days,to explore
    this country????Greetings.From România.

  22. zon tarr says:

    that's the way we all should spend 72 hours.

  23. Thankyou, I am thinking about travelling from Australia to spend a week in Bucharest for Easter and this Vlog has almost sealed the deal for me. I just wonder what the weather will be like?? Im not affraid of the cold but it is mid April i wonder if it will still be nice??

  24. Anca Precub says:

    72 hours in Romania maybe…

  25. Ambedo says:

    Loved this video! So few people actually consider Romania a viable travel destination and your beautiful and smiling faces no doubt sold so many people on the prospect! I'm Romanian, have lived in the states, UK, and Romania and I have to say I'm very glad you've created this great vlog! 🙂

  26. I just love this video!! Thanks for promoting my country more than most of the romanians do unfortunately..!

  27. Jed George says:

    That's the spirit! Ya rock!

  28. zaba1997 says:

    hey there ! 🙂 I am really happy to hear good things about Romania, because i know a lot of people just judge Romanian people as being thieves or gipsies. Hope you will come back sometime and eventually if you are coming to Cluj-Napoca, be sure to let me know. If you want i can show you some interesting stuff in the city and in the nearby 🙂

  29. Paul Molloy says:

    Great video. We're going to Bucharest from Ireland for 4 days in May. You'v got us seriously looking forward to it now.

  30. carlo stef12 says:

    Constanta is too beautifull! 🙂

  31. Dan D says:

    9:05 CARU' CU BERE 😉 translation is like "The Chariot with Beer"

  32. Rafi Dayan says:

    You guys are super cute! looking forward for your next videos around the world 🙂

  33. Funloverxd says:

    So glad you liked it!!! Cant wait for you to come back here !!

  34. M4Nu1337 says:

    The moment I saw you drinking I know you were British, I wish Romanian girls enjoy alcohol more. xD As a Romanian living and studying in London I miss my home city so much. You both look stunning. Thank you for this clip, Subscribed!

  35. I love this vlog! I'm from Bucharest and I visited the UK for the first time this summer. Amazing!

  36. This vlog is amazing and i m very happy that people from UK appreciate Tuica:))

  37. CarmenRalu says:

    Your tassels shoes in the last walk in Bucharest- what are they?

  38. radu15radu56 says:

    beautiful girls and positive thinking….you discovered despite hating uk press and others the land called by pope John Paul II "the garden of virgin Mary"….from an old romanian you have much more to discover….city of Sibiu,Sighisoara,Iasi,Timisoara,Cluj,salt mines from Turda,angelic monasteries from Bucovina and special county of Maramures where you can find a great treasure…the true and unspoiled romanians! visit black sea Mamaia and Constanta city ….Danube Delta, Banat region,most spectacular roads in Europe,Transfagarasan and Transalpina,old saxon fortified villages of Transilvania where Y.H.Prince Charles have properties….thank you promoting Romania! best wishes for you and good luck in your life!

  39. Manu Gmz says:

    I think you can take photos at Peles Castle, you just have to pay a fee.

  40. not a patch on Blackpool

  41. Awww thank you so much for these lovely words about Romania ! You are gorgeous <3 xoxo

  42. Girls, I have to say I found this video by total accident but I was pleasantly surprised by your great feedback, enthusiasm and also by how much fun you two had 🙂 I'm so happy you enjoyed your stay in Romania! p.s: I kinda teared up as I'm from Transylvania and I miss my hometown haha xx

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