Pancake Art Challenge! Emoji Edition! We play the pancake art challenge today! The kids had fun making emoji pancake art! We did fun challenge style pancake art! Such a fun family activity!

Jamie (Mom), Steve (Dad), Stephen (11), Taylor (9), Payton (7), Jordyn (5), and Parker (2)

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  1. The winner is Peyton & Taylor!!????????????????

  2. PLJM Meyers says:

    I think Paton and her mom won?

  3. D Rage says:

    Mom has the best pankace

  4. D Rage says:

    Mom won both rounds but taylor won the unicorn round

  5. mom wins????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. You guys are really cute

  7. You guys should do more pancakes art. You guys ROCK

  8. Lillie Mary says:

    i think mum and taylor won

  9. Y'all all tried really hard good job guys

  10. Anna Jack says:

    Mom is the best and Taylor

  11. Annisa Mirus says:

    Can you make a pancake at 3am

  12. Luis59456 says:

    I like mommys????????

  13. Maria Bushee says:

    Payton is the winner ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☺????☺????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☺????☺????????????????????????????????????????????????☺????☺????☺????????????????☺????????????☺????????☺????☺????????????????☺????☺????????????????????????????????????????☺????☺????☺????????????☺????????????????????☺????☺????????????????☺????????????☺☺☺????☺????????☺????☺????☺????☺????☺????????????????????☺????☺????☺????????????☺????????????????????????????????????????☺????☺????☺????????☺????☺????☺????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☺????☺????????☺????☺????????????????????????☺????????????????☺☺????☺????????????☺☺????☺????☺☺????☺????☺????????????????☺????????????????????????????????????????☺????☺????☺????☺????????????????????????????☺????☺????????????????????????????????☺???????????????? ????☺????☺????????????????☺????????????☺????☺????????☺I love you Payton

  14. #2 the one in the pink shirt

  15. The one in the white shirt #1

  16. Yei my pictures Peyton has the best drawing ever she's in her her pancakes pancakes are going to be so beautiful

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