What Your Lip Color Says About Your Health

Ever heard about the saying that your mouth is the door to your health? Indeed, the color of your natural lips actually reflects what’s happening in your body and is therefore an indicator of your health! So let’s find out what your lips are trying to tell you ^_^

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Some secrets are better shared than kept, thank you for watching ^_~


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  1. Y ee says:

    My lips are the perfectly healfy ones..

    Thing is, I have alot of permenang allergies, sicknesses and stuff lol.

  2. I have red lips but sometimes its rosy pink

  3. Squishehh says:


  4. This is wrong! You're lip colour matters about you're skin some people have darker lips becuz of their skin wrong wrong wrong

  5. lol my lips are the last one. I guess I'm dying.,,, lol

  6. My lips are always a light pink it's weird ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Jooyun Bae says:

    Wow! This is what I heard from an oriental medicine doctor a few years ago. At that time my body condition was terrible. I had hypothyroidism and anemia. I didn't so much care about what I eat at that time and was under a lot of stress. The color of my lips was something like gray and dark brown. Nowadays I'm trying to not to drink so much coffee and try to eat healthy food.
    The color of my lower lip turned into pink (still a bit pale, though. I still have slight anemia.), however, my upper lip still has purplish black outline. Is that also the indication of the imbalance of yin & yang?(Well, I usually had eggs, mushrooms, and bananas often.) Or is that another sign of some imbalance in my body? I'll subscribe your video and follow your advice. Thanks a lot for the great video.

  8. Kira Drake says:

    Normally I had number 6.But yesterday I got food poisoning and now my lips are like number 4, it's a little bit funny that I got it because of sweet potato๐Ÿ˜…

  9. XxcattxX says:

    I have naturally pink lips๐Ÿ‘„

  10. Gaara Potato says:

    why are my lips uneven

  11. anna metrex says:

    my lips are not red, grey, white, i don't get chapped lips, i don't have purple lips or purple line around my lips. My lips are like coral red idk

  12. Jaycee Hipol says:

    Yeah! I have pink rosy lips! I am healthy!

  13. MAYAnimation says:

    My lips are light pale pink on top lip and bottom lip is very pink, not red

  14. Yey im in good health ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Snoalaxy - says:

    My lips are always dry and look pale. But it's natural color is pink I'm also cold and hot right now

  16. LPS Muffin says:

    My lips were rosy but now they are dark

  17. FuzzyTailz says:

    I got the purplish lips after I did the Kylie lip Jenner challenge, they changed to that colour 2 minutes after

  18. Zara Browne says:

    My lips are dark red but I don't have enough anything wrong with my health because I went to a doctor they just said god didn't want to me rolling waste money on lipstick ๐Ÿ˜‚

  19. I have red lips and I do sleep at 12 and stress and eat a lot :)) no wonder

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