“What the Health” Breakdown: An Honest Discussion w/ Doctor Mike & Bethany Watson

Yes!!! You have all been asking what is the deal with the Netflix Documentary “What the Health?” and now it’s time to talk about it in the open! My amazing friend, Bethany Watson, and I are tag-teaming to host this constructive conversation about the documentary and what other health concerns you may have LIVE. I know many of you are passionate on both sides of this issue but please be polite and cordial to the best of your abilities. Now let’s talk HEALTH!

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  1. Julie Corday says:

    Thanks for the video that I can relate to. Two years after graduation and I was encountering studies that disapproved some 'therapeutic norms' that I learnt in med school I guess a sensible topic would be why medicine is called a practice same to law. The documentary 'In defense of food' pretty much laid out the information and let you decide although with some subtle skewed views.

  2. Emily I says:

    anyone else notice his pit sweat? lol

  3. Julie Rubin says:

    I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm a fellow medical provider and recently had to see what all the hype was about with this documentary. After which, I decided to really buckle down on my diet and the foods I put into my body and became "flexitarian". When I try to explain to people what that means and why I believe it is an overall healthy way to live I say that I treat meat (especially processed and red meats) like alcohol. We all know alcohol isn't good for us, definitely not in large quantities and not on a daily basis and that's how we as a society should be looking at meat. At least from a health perspective… mass farming, animal cruelty and ruining the environment with the resultant greenhouse gases has no benefit. But maybe, if we as a society change our lifestyles to include a SIGNIFICANTLY smaller amount of meat, we could probably change the way the meat gets to us as well.

  4. Marissa Rolf says:

    Thanks for this! 😊

  5. A D says:

    Why is anyone listening to this guy about this topic? Because he's semi-famous and good looking? LOL. Dr. Mike is just giving his opinion – but it is WRONG. There is no way it is ok to eat genetically engineered animals. A plant based diet is the only PROVEN diet to REVERSE heart disease. Meat, dairy, eggs ALL bad for you.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLeee0HRyHM – Here is a doctor who ACTUALLY has studied this extensively, not a "pretty boy" tv doctor.

  6. chris11 says:

    When people think veganism is extreme and yet killing 61 million animals a year is not? If eating plants and vegetables is extreme then call me a fucking daredevil

  7. chris11 says:

    lol the amount of radiation and pollution you would need to take in to get cancer is astronomically higher than the amount of meat and dairy you need to eat to get cancer. This guy is a fucking idiot and is basically trying to save his own ass because everything in the documentary goes against what he eats/says. Eating meat is cruel to animals, the environment and to your body, there is NO CHALLENGING THIS ARGUMENT. It is not "hype". When you eat meat, you are getting hormones, antibiotics, unsaturated fats, cortisol secretion and the list goes on. Guess what, any amount of this that you eat WILL have a negative effect. You know what doesn't contain all of this… PLANTS!! No amount of unneeded hormones/pus/antibiotics are good for you. I love how he talks about how they cherry picked the studies when that's what modern society does to us all the time. Like how are they not more concerned about the fact that the meat and dairy industry sponsors cancer societies.. WHEN IT IS LINKED TO CANCER, like OBVIOUSLY they're going to say its good for you because they want you to buy their fucking products. The meat and dairy is all about making money and so is the pharmaceutical industry. There is NO MONEY in healthy people and that's why they want to stop veganism and people converting to it with myths and fallacies that "milk produces strong bones" because they don't want to lose profit. That's also why these cherry picked studies are published to give society just a bit of doubt. That's all that is needed to stop a movement, a bit of doubt. The amount of testimonials and studies done on people who have LIFE THREATENING CONDITIONS, in which doctors told them they had no chance at living, were able to survive and come back basically from the dead on a vegan diet, why in the hell would people not take this more seriously. Stop trying to hide your own inadequacy and lack of knowledge on veganism and do some research. Hell, why don't you try going vegan and then you'll understand why this diet is saving the environment and lives.

  8. lion noil says:

    Damn! You are not just hot doctor, seeing you on live stream shows how beautiful your thinking is!! Keep it up!

  9. Innasafa says:

    i love this critical thinking video of you dr Mike!

  10. Franjanu says:

    good video but he did skip over the whole yoghurt and breast cancer questions because he is linked- plant based is the lifestyle and vegan is overall ethics etc…  – drinking coke and eating oreas is not what these plant based people eat in general. and yes we do not need milk – i havnt met anyone who doesnt agree

  11. What about insects? Is it okay to kill rats and bugs??

  12. I was skeptical about the dramatic health improvement stories in the documentary. I've worked hard to improve my hypertension for a decade. I went down to 140/90 with sodium reduction and increased activity. I went whole food plant based and 3 weeks later my average bp was 112/69. three weeks…. just like the claims in the movie. I have had zero cholesterol and very little saturated fats and I have below normal bp. Many other things improved too… digestion, sleep, skin and mood to name a few. Stop debating and try it for a month for yourself.

  13. Isabel Smith says:

    I used to have a meal plan with exact amount of meat per day (what my body needed) , I was with a dietitian.
    It was Okay, but, i decided just to eat 3 or 2 oz of any meat. And guess what?.
    I felt way better, my constipation is gone, I feel more energized and I feel very good!!!!.

    And eating animals is not necessary and why would I eat them.

  14. I like that you guys are trying to understand the information. I think though you are missing the main point. Comments below are not intended to come off as hating, but are written to educate and inform.

    There is a lot of information out there already that you guys are not aware of that has shown why eating animal products increases your risk for western disease.

    You mention plants. Plants need a brain or like point feel pain. This is neurobiology. Plants are intelligent in the fact they respond to stimuli and chemical reactions. They do not compare to the classification of Animalia Kingdom. But if you were going to consider the welfare of plants than by not eating the animal you would save more plants because animals eat a much larger volume of plants than humans do. Sp by being vegan you would save more plants.

    A whole food plant based diet is the only current scientific proved diet to reverse our number one killer heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Paleo, Atkins, Zone … Mediterranean… have not been able to do so. So would not that be the diet of choice based on the power of this diet and lifestyle?

    Humane meat is a myth. No Killing is not humane so eating animals at any level is inhumane. Vegan prove that one can live without animal products. So to do so is because one chooses their convenience over the life of animals.

    Here are other things that people should know about animal products. There are far more risks to all meats and dairy products. Not just Processed foods. YOu can look any of these up.

    Endotoxins – After a meal of animal products, people suffer from endotoxemia, their bloodstream becomes awash with bacterial toxins, known as endotoxins. A single meal of meats, eggs, and dairy can cause a spike of inflammation within hours that can stiffen one's arteries.

    Genotoxic Compounds During Digestion – is study indicates that when ingested alone, red meat products low in unsaturated fat and low in total fat content contribute to relatively low levels of potentially genotoxic aldehydes in the gastrointestinal tract. Acrolein, Glyoxal,

    Recycled animals into industrial feed – lead contamination

    IGF-1 – an Increased proliferation of cancer cells and growth.

    Arachidonic Acid (omega 6) – Very inflammatory https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5331532/

    TMAO trimethylamine oxide- suggesting that TMAO is a key link between carnitine and cardiovascular risk

    TransFat – 1.2 grams of it from meat a day (natural academies of science say 0 is the only safe amount (dairy, processed meats, chicken turkey etc..)

    Heterocyclic Amines ex PhiP – Cooking meats – highly estrogenic -really bad in skin of animals cooked (Others HCAs: IQ, MeIQ, MeIQx).

    Saturated fat – damages endothelium and restricts blood flow. Increase liver production of LDL.

    High Methionine – Shorter life span, and high risk for cancer.

    Antibiotics – conventional meat

    Advanced Glycation End-products – Cause cellular stress and aging. Over time, AGEs accumulate in your organs and cause damage.

    Heme Iron – Colorectal Cancer

    Arsenic – in Chicken Feed even organic if it comes from things like rice.

    Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons – Smoking fumes and smoking the meat

    Deer and Elk Population – Spongy form encephalopathy http://www.austindailyherald.com/2017/06/proposed-ordinance-would-prohibit-feeding-deer-geese-offense-would-result-in-petty-misdemeanor/

    Dietary Cholesterol – has been shown to raise blood cholesterol in small amounts depending on other dietary factors such as fiber intake, and low saturated fat etc…

    Choline – Eggs aggressive prostate cancer

    Dairy/Calcium – prostate cancer

    Dairy – very high in estrogen, non-added hormones also including synthetically added.

    Salmonella and e.Coli – Slate Mag did a whole article on grass-fed beef and E-coli

    Environmental Pollutants stored in animal fat – PCBS, dioxin, arsenic, lead, mercury etc…

  15. Well if they can show you actual scientific experiments and actual data like layne Norton does then we can talk. Unfortunately you won't even listen to these people on this video who are debunking the crazy stuff that what the health claimed. But you keep thinking what you do and I'll keep eating a healthy balanced diet!!!

  16. rob rob says:

    what does it mean when the body overheats some people are telling me it's your body repairing itself is this true because it's been going on for 2 years and the temperature is going up 😟😟

  17. Hi doctor mike, you seem like a really god doctor, one that knows what he is saying. I was enjoying this review until the part where you talked about eating cows and plants feeling.. I might be wrong but don't you need to have a nervous system in order to feel pain? Plants dont have one right? You do not need to eat cows to make your 'life continue' whereas you do need to eat plants (fruits and vegetables) in order to be healthy. So even if plants did feel pain, we still had to eat them

  18. Okay no offence to Dr. Mike, but i cannot seem to fathom how people are taking health advice from a random doctor. Guys, this DOES NOT make him a health expert just because he has the word "Dr." infront of his name, most doctors havent specialised in dietary health, and only how to perscribe people mediciene and operate on them (im not sure what he even specialises in because there is nothing relating to what he actually practices on the internet, but from having doctors as parents i know this is the case. Being a doctor doesn't make you qualified in dietary health). Please consider this before taking his advice. Also just because he is a doctor it does not make him unbaised or 100% educated about everything, he is still a person like the rest of us with endless things to learn and while he makes some points that are viable in this video much of it is biased, misinformed or poorly conveyed. Not to mention both of them consume meat, and there is nobody forming any other opposing opinion like a vegan, vegetarian, nutritionist/ dietician or doctor specialising in human health + diet. While I respect Dr. Mike, to be honest i think this video is bad, and a missed opportunity to inform the public about health and it will probably discourage people from researching veganism properly and watching the documentary.

  19. heynowable says:

    Funny watching a doctor try to marginalize diet and justify the reasons for eating meat. All of which are false. Also great to know doctors are now trained in nutrition and lifestyle change. Also a lie. It won't be long now, the plant based lifestyle is an idea who's time has come. Remember these doctors have spent 8+ years of their lives and hundreds of thousands of $'s on "education". You will not get the truth from them, they won't allow themselves to believe it, too much invested.

  20. rita alfalah says:

    Hello Doc Mike! after watching the documentary I felt some information was extreme and I was a bit confused. I'm vegan I love the idea of veganism, it's better for the environment, the animals, and personally I started eating way better on a vegan diet than back when I ate meat. It's a good lifestyle that worked out for me and I'm planning to continue doing it! Thanks for the incredible video and the great information 🙏🏻

  21. Mondoshawn says:

    One could totally play a drinking game while watching this video. Every time Dr. Mike says his favorite word 'look' you have to drink something.

  22. Rebeca S says:

    Mike, why do you assume to know what happens in farms and milk production?

  23. If u study a bit of body language u know whend some one lies.

  24. Echa says:

    What he said, everything MAKES SENSE guys. I totally agreed with him.

  25. thank you for clearing things up and also making other points a bit more confusing to be honest! this video made me want to dig a lot more into what i eat, where it's coming from etc… I'm a medical student and i want to give the most honest unbiased opinion about prevention with food and exercise to my (future) patients.
    I wish Iron deficiency would've been brought up in the documentary, that is one of the arguments meat eaters evoke in the discussion of whether or not meat is necessary (?)

  26. I believe in eating everything but with moderation =)

  27. Hi from Australia Dr Mike! Just wondering if you've read the Clever Guts Diet? I found it really interesting. If you have read it, what were your thoughts?

  28. Is it bad that I am watching this instead of sleep? Very interesting discussion, lots of great ideas and very educational. Im studying to be a medical coder and watching your videos helps me understand the case studies that I read through. Thanks so much, and have a wonderful day! 😀

  29. I love your idea about plants being a sentient beings! Your views on eating animals and the moral dilemma it introduces is exactly how I feel about it and thank you for this discussion. Very well thought out.

  30. Love this open discussion. Thanks Dr. Mike!

  31. what if i want to lose weight how can i do that with out going to the gym?

  32. Isabel Smith says:

    When something is causing dead, killing animals and the planet, how can you support this.
    Why should you eat animals?
    You do not need them. Unless you need to survive and the only options are animals.
    But, eating all this things is affecting our environment, our lives.
    Just go vegan!!!!.

  33. Jessie DuQue says:

    No way factory dairy farmers are removing cows from production due to infected utters. Cheese is pure saturated fat which clogs your arteries and cause inflammation in our body and constipation.

  34. Jessie DuQue says:

    #CHINASTUDY #HowNotToDie #ForksOverKnives #DrNealBarnard #DrJohnMcDougal #NealOrnish #DrEsseltyne All these doctors and more have Cured/Reversed their patients chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease with whole foods plant base diet. Thousands if not millions of success stories of people getting well once they eliminated or drastically reduced animal meat and DAIRY, that is all the proof I need to give it a try. I went vegan a year ago and I have reversed so many of my illnesses that I will never go back. Yes the patient may not follow recommendations but all doctors should strongly encourage their patients to eat more plant base and exercise as the first line of treatment. It should be as common as warning them against smoking. Then it is up to them if they listen or not, but at least they understand the what is the cause of the problem and the cure.

  35. Hello Dr. Mike,
    Could you do a video on preventing getting a cold and tips on getting rid of colds? I work with young children and I feel like I am more prone to getting ill, especially in the winter months. Some tips and information would be great! Thanks

  36. What a great video Mike.
    And I have a question that I think nobody else thinks about that. I maybe you can answer me
    Processed meat is bad for us. Okay, I get I understand that. My question is about processed vegan/vegetarian foods, like soy sausages, soy beef and so one and so one. Because the problem with processed meat is not the meat, is the processing of meat and can applied to other non meat products. Right?

  37. Oh, thank god you discussed this topic in such a professional way unlike other doctors like zdogg who was just making fun of the documentary but not actually talking about the points it made

  38. Explode Tube says:

    I watched what the health and now i am vegetarian.

  39. Where is the data for all you talking about?

  40. Jessy Glaub says:

    Heme iron, HCA's, PAH's, TMAO, choline, caritine, BMAA, cholesterol, sat fat, dioxins, leucine inhibition of mTOR, inhibiting nitric oxide production, IGF-1, N-Nitroso compounds, Neu5Gc. What do you think about all of these substances all in meat?

  41. Tommy Ma says:

    Does holding my breath when someone is smoking as I pass by them help?

  42. I earlier said in comments I wanted to be a nurse or a something in the medical field days or weeks ago. But I love how Dr.mike has all this knowledge and facts about many things all of the above. Its inspired me to not use the excuse "omg medical school takes too long and debt and gotta be super smart". But to reach my goal in becoming maybe a a FM physician, cardiologist or whatever I decide to become not cause I want the high salary but because having that knowledge and ability to help people and do great things. Really inspires me. THANKS DR. Mike

  43. Marcus Ryder says:

    There is puss in milk… fact!

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