Travelers react to Mexico travel warning

A day after the State Department issued new warnings on travel to Mexico, travelers speak to 10News reporter Matt Boone about their experiences.


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  1. What if we starting doing that to all illegals 😁

  2. kapaomegatau says:

    We hope that along with the warnings, the US government also enforce laws to stop the immoral and criminal HUGE smuggling of weapons from the United States, as well as the HUGE consume of drugs in the United States, so that Mexico can become a much more safer place again, for Mexicans and tourists coming from anywhere in the world.
    By the way it includes a safer place for the red-necks, hillbillies, racists, neo-Nazis, etc., who are certainly welcomed as long as they respect the laws in Mexico and forget their delusions of racial supremacy in a while they visit Mexico.
    Please give us the “WHOLE ENCHILADA”, not just a bit, and help us to “MAKE MEXICO MUCH MORE SAFE AGAIN”…..Tks.

  3. Pete Reyes says:

    Transgenders, pedophiles, homosexuals, lesbians, queers, faggots, perverts, weirdos, PLEASE Stay ion Miami! MEXICO is dangerous for You!
    Don't come to Mexico! Go far away! SCUM

  4. Jose Jimenez says:

    I'm pretty sure this warning is for white people

  5. MrQbenDanny says:

    Go get kidnapped, killed or have your food and drink spit on. Enjoy Mexico.

  6. Toro xolo says:

    You can talk you want idiots

  7. Pete Reyes says:

    Donald Trump is an imbecile.

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