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Hello! wow it feels like forever since I uploaded ????none the less heres an affordable gym clothing haul, my favorite piece was the camo bra like how cute, let me know what was your fav! if you got this far comment “looking cute on a budget ayyy”
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Nelson Pereira
Areen Active Bomber Jacket – White – Small
Champs Performance Active Jacket – Black/White – Small
Sarina Mesh Active Leggings – Blue – Small
First Base Mesh Active Sports Leggings – Grey small
First Base Mesh Active Sports Bra – Grey- Small
Bondoc II Lounge Set – Olive – Small

The rest is from Forever21, I found these items in store here’s a link that’ll take you to their online store



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  1. Omg you're so gorgeous I love all your videos ????????❤️ you're body is amazing ????

  2. Thanks for this video kept my mind away from the fire here in california since i live in napa

  3. Jann Fuentes says:

    ????hermosa te admiro de verdad ???? deberías hacer tus videos tambien en español????

  4. Sabrina Vega says:

    No se lo que dices jajaja ????pero me encanta verte! haz vídeos en español❤❤❤❤????????????????

  5. I was only able to see your head and arms floating ????????

  6. Shajena Siva says:

    LOL the hoodie is like a hair net; Seriously love your videos!

  7. can you film more workout videos???

  8. Ahahaha the fly had me dying!!! ????????????

  9. Bubblegwen says:

    Your belly is so toned now ???? I really miss your vlogs ????

  10. Looking so cute on a budget❤️

  11. You should a video of what you eat in a week

  12. maria duran says:

    Loosing to much weight is makeing you loose your butt ????

  13. Them legs girl????????????????

  14. I looove the blue fashion nova leggings !!!!

  15. "The hoodie is…chill" ???? lol it DID feel like forever since your last upload! Why did everything look so cute though, i did not know forever 21 was the plug on workout clothes. Everything was SO CUTE. P.S. I literally waited all day to get off work and finish homework so I could see this video!!!

  16. I love F21 gym clothes too! Try out Old Navy’s athletic stuff too, they usually have really good deals & super cute options! ????

  17. Everything from forever 21 is bombbb

  18. I'm amazed at how increasingly beautiful you are! Your IG page is my fave of any MUA's, my jaw would drop whenever I saw your posts. Then I saw your YouTube videos and admired your personality! You just keep getting hotter and hotter! Thanks for being so open, real, and inspiring. ????

  19. Omg como lo hizo? ???????????? alguien sabe de donde es? Ya veia fotos de ella en instagram pero no su canal apenas ahora.

  20. Anyone want to be YouTube friends ????

  21. Hey Alva!!!
    Your so Pretty Gurl!!????
    Love watching your videos!!????

  22. Try gymshark they have good quality at reasonable price. Keep up the hard work

  23. i always love your videos????..i know boohoo and missguided both have some active wear but I'm just not sure how they both are. but they almost always have coupons for crazy discounts at both

  24. Zulma Garcia says:

    Awesome! Oh, that ilikechike mocha is amazing! ???????? I was having an issue on going to the coffee shop down the street and drinking all those unnecessary calories! Where is your camo shirt from?! Thanks for the motivation!

  25. My boobs are crying at all these ‘sportsbras’. It’s industrial or nothin’ for me.

  26. Looking cute on a budget ayyy

  27. DeeDee93 F says:

    I'm just starting to get myself back on to dieting and exercising after having my baby and your videos are my inspiration ???? goals! Keep it up you're looking great ????????

  28. SNAPFAMMMM been a loyal follower since the early Tumblr days. You’re a big inspiration to me Alva! Thank u!

  29. precious oh says:

    You're seriously my motivation! I've lost about 20 pounds so far! And buying cute gym clothes helps ????????

  30. Old navy has some cute, good quality workout clothes! Pls do more of these!!! Always love your gym outfits on Snapchat.

  31. mmmdanni says:

    Please post a flat/tone tummy workout vid!! Your stomach looks so firm! Motivation for sure!????

  32. I have that pink and grey camo sports bra it's super cute wish they had leggings in the same patteren.

  33. Nenii Lopez says:

    Where did you get your contacts from girl I love them !! & they look so real

  34. Maritza JJ's says:

    That's so true, the good quality gym clothe is expensive,

  35. Any new YouTubers with small channels . Sub & I’ll sub back ♥️

  36. Sonja Martin says:

    I legit started singing "about a week ago" ???? the same time you did!! Lol

  37. Ivanna Rosa says:

    How do you keep underwear lines from showing through cute leggings? I don't like going commando when I wear leggings lol. Is there undergarments for working out that you recommend?

  38. Artliker1234 says:

    The camo shirt you're wearing, where is that from???

  39. Yes! I love it all.
    Thank you so much for the inspiration! After along time, I finally got back to working out.

  40. Areli Juarez says:

    You should try Tammy hem brows work out line ❤️ it’s called saski

  41. I want all of these???? my bank is going to kill me

  42. leena b says:

    i've been watching you since before you started your fitness journey and i'm so proud of how far you've come !! ❤️

  43. Jarii says:

    Looking cute on a budget ayy

  44. Do you use a waist trainer? Or what do you do to work on a slim waist?

  45. Nk Pretyy says:

    What camera do you use for Instagram pictures

  46. April Arias says:

    Love it. I would like to change up my eating routine so I would love to see ur daily meals they look yummy and not boring.

  47. Alma Ruiz says:

    Girl!!! Ross Marshalls and TJ max is where it's at! Name brands like Under Armour Nike and Addidas for as cheap as 20$ or below!

  48. Gwyneth says:

    Girl… your body transformation though ✨

    I also did an affordable activewear haul on my channel ♡

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