Japan extravaganza + trying japanese art supplies! ~ Frannerd

On this video: I’M IN TOKYO, so join me in this lovely and magical madness whilst drawing my new Japan Travel Journal. Visiting parks, shrines and lots of stationary shops!

SAVE THE DATE for my new planner range OCTOBER 16th! 😀

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This video would have not look as cool and pro without the help of good ol’ Ed:

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Canon Eos m with a 22 lens
I use Adobe Premiere!

things you don’t know about this video: had two coffees and half and apple editing this video. Right now is night time and there’s a lady yelling outside and I can’t understand a word she’s saying. We have no plans for tomorrow yet, but I’m dying to go to two museums near our Airbnb.


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  1. Swift Sloth says:

    I love you FRANNNN!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Erick Draws says:

    the word is inadequate

  3. Erzbeth Luna says:

    Fraaaan, unas apps que pueden ayudarles! yo tambien visitare Japón el proximo año 😀


  4. Fran! You need do go to Loft! It´s an amazing stationary store, specially the Shibuya one, it´s huge! I miss Japan so much, you must enjoy every minute of it! <3

  5. The scenery of Shinjuku is INSANELY good! My, the colours and the textures… I hope you do more work using pencils in the near future, and I can't wait for the Japan travel journal!
    Thank you for the tiny glimps of Tokyo as well, I miss Japan and it's so pleasant to see it from your point of view!

  6. DGCherry09 says:

    ¡Hola Fran! He seguido tu trabajo desde hace muchos años, pero nunca me había animado a escribir y decidí que este es el momento. Me hace tan feliz ver ese viaje a Japón porque yo también crecí viendo Sailor Moon, incluso mi proyecto de titulación fue sobre ella, espero algún día poder hacer ese viaje yo también. Estaré siguiendo tu trabajo ahora con más emoción, apuesto que el diario ilustrado será toda una experiencia.

    PD. ¡Esa tienda es el paraíso! Yo tampoco querría irme <3

    ¡Saludos desde México!

  7. Fran! Me encantó tu video! Que sueño poder viajar a Japón. El Sábado encontré tu primer diario de viaje en Santiago y al fin pude comprarlo! Es maravilloso (no había podido comprarlo D:)

  8. I'm so happy for youuuu ♥ Can't wait for the travel journal and the planner 😀 Have fun in Japan !

  9. Talking about the stationery and saying "you will all die here" is one of the reasons I enjoy watching your videos, it's hard to explain but I appreciate the way you actively relate to your viewers and know that a lot of us share the same interests. Glad your trip is turning out to be everything you have looked forward to for so long. 🙂

  10. Que maravilloso este video! Yo ahora estoy tan cerca pero aún no he podido ir a Japón. Pronto pronto! espero poder grabar muchos videos ahí también. Saludos desde China! felicidades por cumplir uno más de tus sueños

  11. Kitten Toast says:

    Hola~! No se si tu revisa esto pero! Quería decirte cuanto tú me has inspirado y ayudado aprender. Estoy excitada bastantemente ah poner mi arte afuera otra ves y ojala unos ojos los encuentren <3 Aunque español es mi primer lenguaje creo que mi ingles es mucho mejor pero me encanta cuando tu hablas español entonces aquí estoy XD If you're still in Tokyo, you can get Nicker poster paint that Studio Ghibli uses

  12. Jane S. says:

    😍😍😍😍😍 those illustrations are gorgeous

  13. anneleni says:

    I am soso excited to read the journal. Japan is also my dream destination.

  14. You're so sweet fran! I'm happy to see your dream come true!! <3

  15. Julia J says:

    AH it is destiny that you are coming out with a new planner! I need a planner for next year, I hope it is like how I want it. I will definitely be buying your planner stickers though!

  16. Kat W says:

    Fran I would love to see a video on how you usually organize your calendar/work day to keep yourself on track of your schedule. I'm so excited for your calendars/planners to launch it would be a great way to walk us through them 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  17. Qué emoción, qué ganas tengo de ir a Japón 🙂 Espero que disfrutes muchísimo es increíble todo lo que debe de haber por Tokyo 😀
    Un beso!!

  18. I can't believe you uploaded while you're still in Japan! We don't deserve you Fran you're too good to us🤤 😭

  19. I’m excited for the stationary that you are doing!

  20. Thank you for taking us into the art supply store I could of spent hours in there with you!!!

  21. moyashisoba says:

    Fran, I truely like you.

  22. I LOVE JAPAN! 😀 It is my favourite country to visit! If you haven't been yet, go to Sekaido in Shinjuku. It is an amazing art store with more than 5 floors! I was there for hours and went crazy….wanted to buy everything! Have fun!

  23. I just love your vlogs. I dream of going to Japan one day as well so thanks for sharing 💕

  24. Oh God, Fran, it's been such a lovely report by you. I get so excited when I notice you post a instastory =D keep doing this lovely report about this trip, and thank you SO MUCH for posting a video before your trip ends =P hugs

  25. Mangopoppy says:

    I was about to buy a planner for next year but wanted something different than what I had before…I know what I'm getting myself!!

  26. Annie Dufner says:

    I love how you use the word clumsy when you feel like you can't form the words to say what you mean. I feel this way so often as well 😛

  27. Who is you favorite female role models??
    smart ass kids name people I have never heard of
    Me: Annabeth Chase and Hermione Granger….
    We got a reader
    Best friend: nah you got TWO readers
    high fives

  28. yay! thank you for making this fran – it's so ace to travel vicariously!

  29. Tu relación con Japón es la misma que tengo yo. Yo tuve la suerte de ir cuando tenía 17 como regalo de graduación del colegio de parte de mi mamá y cuando estábamos sobrevolando Tokyo comencé a llorar. La cultura japonesa ha sido como un safe place para mi desde que tengo memoria y haberla podido vivir, gee, there are not enough words in the Universe to describe how magical it was. I'm glad you guys are enjoying yourselves, espero que siga así de genial el viaje 🙂 Love you!

  30. Ahhh!! I'm so glad that I decided to swing by YouTube! I have been watching your videos on patreon but didn't even see this one there so it must be special just for your YouTube.😉 Loved seeing some of the adorable pink illustrations you're doing! Pink it up girl!!!😍👌💖

  31. I wonder if Copic markers less expensive since they are made in japan? Random thought, you don't have to answer.

  32. Hazy Abigail says:

    Oh! Buy either Hobonichi or Travelers Notebook! It's a beautiful leather cover!

  33. Dylan Quinn says:

    I hope you're having the time of your life Fran! I was so happy to see this pop up in my subscriptions. I've spent the past few weeks thinking about it, and I finally decided to book my trip to Tokyo today. The idea was always so out of reach for me because I never had any money, but I've been working my ass off with the freelance illustration lately and finally could afford it. I still can't believe I'm actually going 🙂

  34. Cloudymeow says:

    now i REALLY wanna go there ;v;

  35. Hi, Fran! My name is Marfa, I'm an architect from Moscow, Russia and I'm following you since the beggining of 2015 and I think this is my first feedback except likes I give you on social media. You are the most inspiring person I know, I love your works and videos, thank you very much for sharing it! I hope Japan inspired you as much as you inspire me so I also really hope this Japan trip will reflect in your works later. I have no idea how to express my joy about you visiting this fantastic country! I love you, your cats and your nice husband Ed (if you could just give them a hug from me). I also want you to know that you've got a big fandom in Russia, so I would love to invite you here (with Ed and cats obviously)! Hope you're doing well! Lots of love from freezing Moscow!

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