Green ship THEN and NOW – My SPRAY PAINT progress

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Hey Skech family i made this video encourage all of u who are on beginning of Spray paint art . I wanted to share with u My beginning in this kind of art and also wonted to show u my progress my making ” same” painting after 7 years of spray paint experience πŸ™‚ Enjoy and share your thoughts with me πŸ˜€
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I made VLOG about paper for spray painting and u can check it in link bellow πŸ˜€
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Stay tuned and learn how to become Spray painting artist πŸ™‚

Spray paint ART by Stefan Acanski a.k.a Skech


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  1. checodogface says:

    i subed skech stay awesome bro

  2. John Armenta says:

    Skech, you have inspired me! I bought some spray paint and used magazine paper and made my first! But it sucked so bad that I made a second and so I call THAT my first. I don't like to say I made A LOT of mistakes, no. Instead, I like to say I learned a lot . . . A LOT (oh my god)!!!! I am eager to do more. Again, you have inspired me. Your awesomeness has become MY awesomeness!! HAHA!! I hope we can meet someday. BTW, Hello from New Mexico, USA – the Four Corners Area! Take care!!

  3. I liked both paintings, great job!

  4. smiley says:

    For not knowing anything back then its still pretty good. Not nearly as nice as your new one but not bad at all.

  5. Luke Nesbit says: please comment your opinion on it‼️

  6. Felix George says:

    I love the star wars music in the background

  7. Omkar Sarang says:

    He bro i am Indian.
    In India there is not famous spray painting. But l love to watch your video. And I also want to start spray painting. So please tell me that which paper you use to paint

  8. Hello! I have one question for you. Are acrylic cans the best for this kind of art? I try with Montana 94 and when I try doing mountains with paper he's stay on my photo paper and my job is fuc..d then. Please tell me what im doing wrong. Sorry for my English, I'm from Poland but I think you know what problem I have.

  9. Very very very very high quality

  10. Isnt it "sketch" instead of "skech"??

  11. Holy Kussh says:

    I decided to watch your video when I was taking a dump. Hey!!! Shit happens. Nice painting πŸ™ƒ

  12. Hey Dude. I really like your work. Its just awesome and gives me a lot of ideas. I've a question. What do you use at 3:28….i guess it's to make the spray paint wet again so that you can keep on drawing the Ship. But what makes the paint wet and editable again.

    Thanks for your videos and work.

    Stay awesome!

  13. can you do a video on how to make a ripply water effect? im still learning how to spray paint and im kinda getting bored with Planets

  14. Andre Puusta says:

    That Star Wars music is everything and you have upgraded your skills very well πŸ‘

  15. Fatima Asim says:

    I really like the previous one too

  16. What paper do you use in spraying?

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