Joe Budden Breaks Down While Discussing Mental Health in Rap | Everyday Struggle

On today’s #EverydayStruggle, Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks broke down Styles P’s recent Breakfast Club interview where he talked about mental health in rap and why so few people talk about it.

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  1. ian campbell says:

    I can't imagine losing my daughters let alone to suicide! That is why as a man of God, I try to speak beauty, life, and encouragement to them and pray to TMH. I encourage any man who is above and beyond, no matter. I pray for Styles and his family.

  2. Joe said real shit H.a.u.l.t. In my 12 step program they advise us to not get hungry angry lonely or tired! I really respect joe I’m not going to take his inventory or try and break his anonymity but I’m glad he is in a great space right now and he is working one day at a time

  3. I respect Joe so much for being vulnerable. It’s sad that society makes fun of or emasculates men for crying or showing emotions.😕

  4. Daniel says:

    How is Ak gonna bring up a Kehlani situation when he was the MAIN ONE making fun of her???? Wtf??

  5. Eric Caple says:

    Mood Musik. This is why Joe is underrated. He mad a body of work that was for people going thru depression. Black Cloud is a classic

  6. Jones Boy says:

    This is the same guy that went off on chance the rapper for being too positive and urging him to shoot a guy or something
    Joe is a clown I swear

  7. myuhdidas says:

    Ive suffered from depression since i was 13 and its hell. Imagine having no real reason to be unhappy at a present moment but constantly having this eternal feeling of saddness and grief and gloom no matter what you do. I feel this knot of sorrow in my chest, and this grey cloud over my head, every single day. Everyday no matter what. i try my best to live a normal life but its hard. Its crazy because theres nothing thats directly making me so unhappy to the extent where i should feel this way but i stay depressed and i dont even know why. After a while, sometimes you'd just much rather be dead. Thats why people committee suicide. Not because theyre weak but because you get tired of being strong

  8. Joe is such a fuq character!! He had to wait until he was sure the cam was on him to show the tears and whip it off … Such a fickle fake character .. No disrespect to the losses .

  9. Y'all need magic mushrooms

  10. Anyone surprised Joe has mental health issues?

  11. rody dailey says:

    this is a real big deal…Society addresses everything else but this!

  12. If you’ve listened to Joe Budden’s Mood Muzik mixtapes, you’ll know exactly why he reacted like this. Man’s been through a lot in his life.

  13. Sorry, this is a terrible situation he is in but what's with "as a BLACK man"? Because no other race goes through this? Why emphasize that?

  14. HexMark12 says:

    Respect to Joe. Blacks need to stop this "show no weakness" bullshit now. Cudi talked about mental health on Arsenio and the hip-hop community blasted him. We need to move forward.

  15. Scottymus says:

    They're talking about how mental illness, depression and any emotions at all are trivialized and turned into jokes and literally half these comments just prove their point

  16. I have bipolar depression and this was powerful to see joe shook like that… Because that's exactly what haooens

  17. SkaiWalker says:

    Salute to joe Buden ❤️✌🏾

  18. Frank Moss says:

    You guys in the comments are fucked

  19. joe said he "read about this topic and laughed bc it was funny?" What?

  20. Screwface says:

    akademiks just babblin on while joes got tears running down his face lol ffs ak shut up lol

  21. steven rios says:

    y'all really feel bad for this french fry ass hating nigga?😂 hashtag fuck joe budden

  22. I don't know how many if any it will help but I've talked to experts around it and depression is mainly a lack of seratonin and dopamine seratonin being from sex/jacking off and dopamine from things fun the symptoms of the lack of seratonin will be overthinking which will gets u in a state of just not doing anything and overthinking till it gets worst so hopefully this helps people cause it helped me alot another is if there is anything on Ur mind u gotta talk to someone else it gets courrpted and worse or you might even accidentally be exaggerating it all and talking it out will help

    just lessons I learnt suffering from it and never taking pills for it hopefully it helps

  23. Ben Dover says:

    I've dealt with depression and last year I had it bad. I never wanted to kill myself so bad. Had no job, didn't have money for school, undocumented, girl left me. Shit was crazy but I managed to stay and this year has been one of the greatest I've ever lived. Lost weight and cleaned up. Got a job and I'm going to school. Thank God for giving me the strength to pull through. Y'all can do it too, stay up.

  24. Joe suffered with depression for a long time. Seeing styles p cry literally made me cry crazy.

  25. Never forget Capital STEEZ

  26. This was real and it wasnt funny and it hurt to watch

  27. Fearless Q8 says:

    Everybody that goes through depression and suicidal thoughts listen to these songs it'll help you a lot
    Joe Budden – Immortal
    Joe Budden – Only Human
    Joyner Lucas – I'm sorry

  28. Ry c says:

    Massive respect to Joe for this. Always thought he was a stand up guy who speaks his mind!

  29. I was close to it the other day. Verge of Blacking out and stopped myself. My brother already hung himself back in 1998 he was 28 still kills me. Pitting this on here not for attention but purely in hope the next person does it. Fuck it! There's no shame, share ya shit help someone else vent. So what if it's on youtube! If someone outs it up here who hasn't told their friends or family. This might just help em release something. Stay safe people, life is short and precious x

  30. zMawzz says:

    RIP Capital Steez

  31. chantel/tbr says:

    Wow Joe you got me / intense

  32. Datsizer says:

    All my bruhs out there Hustling and Struggling. Get a Trade. fuxk College. Become Union. EVERY single Union gets a Tax break for hiring minorities. Get money and Travel. Stay up Bruhs.. It gets easier

  33. Wtf y'all talking about saying "who dressed Nadeska"? Nigga she look better than Joanna from Perfect Dark, tf y'all mean.

  34. Did they not watch the vma's fuckin logic

  35. dahalofreeek says:

    My life was saved by happenstance and a conversation that happened at the right time due to a random event. I could have easily killed myself and no one would have really known I was depressed. That's the hardest thing to deal with, how do you fight something when you don't even know it's there? I am great at putting on a happy face, someone told me "you seem really happy all the time" in the middle of a three-month misery binge. People don't know because it doesn't make any sense why someone would think like I do.

  36. You know akademiks is sitting across from this guy goin " THIS NIGGA CRYING AHAHAHHAHA"

  37. When he said as a "black man" I lost respect for that story cause whites , Hispanics , Asians a lot of use come from nothing and without parents why is everything bout race holy shit

  38. coop92 says:

    mental illness is real yall speaking from a dude that has schizophrenia. without meds all i would hear is demonic voices telling me to kill myself

  39. Wow this is very powerful & very moving this conversation should happen more often!!

  40. If you don't know what depression is then shut the fuck up and kys. It's a diagnosed mental illness people have to go through. It isn't something people cheer up from, it isn't something a good day will fix. It's an illness that literally prevents your brain from feeling any types of happiness or joy. And it's scary. You start to fall into an mindset that doesn't belong to you

  41. KrueggVS says:

    Funny hes saying rappers dont talk about this but he bashed Logics Album. Lets see Logic talks about Suicide. Anxiety. Depression. Dealing with being bi racial in this world.

  42. Angel ortizg says:


  43. thhthtrht says:

    why he pretending to cry though 😔

  44. The_Typical says:

    This is why it's important for people to understand the difference between hearing and listening.

  45. Joe my dude …. i always respected him … always will 💯💯💯💯

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