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Andrew, Stacey, and Rowan are a family of 3 who bought a 1999 Volkswagen Vanagon camper van for family adventures. We met up with them at the start of their first month-long adventure around BC and AB Canada when Rowan was just 3 months old.

Andrew and Stacey say they chose a camper van because it was an affordable way for them to travel as a family, and because they couldn’t put Rowan on the back of a motorcycle just yet.

With a van, they’re able to have water, cooking facilities, a bed, space to stand up, and plenty of storage for the baby’s stuff like diapers, blankets, a car seat, etc.

To follow their adventure on Instagram, check them out here:

We filmed this video at the El Campo van gathering in BC, Canada. El Campo van life meet ups are organized by Go-Van and there’s one coming up in Quebec, Canada next month. Check them out here:

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Mat & Danielle


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  1. What? The guy said when WE got pregnant wauw this guy must be amazing LOL!

  2. Great video, Peace, and enjoy the Camper

  3. as long as the baby has a routine, he or she can do well. Mommy and Daddy are there, shelter, food, comfort, it's clean…..the baby will be exposed to more which will strengthen her immune system….this is a good thing.

  4. KEITH HEAVEN says:

    I've had two old air cooled (series 2 – not split screen) VW campers and loved them! Hope you enjoy loads more freedom in yours. Note of caution before using the bed up in the pop top: make sure that the hydraulic lifters are sound. I resorted to rigging props when they started failing to avoid the risk of them flattening my then young daughter. BTW now she has a baby boy who's got the same giraffe teething toy 🙂

  5. So what happens when the baby needs to go to school?

  6. Amy Manning says:

    What an awesome van and what an awesome little family – all about the simple things life!

  7. tucsonazul says:

    The baby seems to be happy and well taken care of, that's what maters the most.

  8. Jill Borgers says:

    That baby is adorable!!

  9. wonder who's voice will break first stacies or the babies 😛

  10. Travis Zane says:

    Awesome content! Love this

  11. I'm looking to start this life style. And have my son 🙂 I'm a single dad. So this is reassuring. Knowing and understanding that other people can do this too.
    😎 love your videos/info!!! Sure is great.
    Cheers Chris.j

  12. Cara Dukes says:

    We had a fabulous time at the El Campo van gathering especially meeting Matt and Danielle. Rowan's family inspired all of us including my teenage daughter and I!

  13. Markus says:

    i just felt in love with that sweet couple. That Baby. 😍😍😍

  14. Hi from Greece. I think that it's a great idea.You will have so many great memories. The baby is adorable.They grow fast. Hugsfrom Greece, Rhodes.

  15. Turtle Party says:

    The parents and child look healthy to me and seem to be eating healthy so why are all these people worried about their health care. Come on, you people are completely off track of what this video represents!! Get so tired of people trying to shove the question "Do you have healthcare!!!!!!!" down people's throats. Really it's none of your business if they do or don't! Parents have the right to take their children with them in a car, van, bus, truck and for however long they want and asking about their healthcare just shows what a dim witted Dem you are! Grow up and realize sometimes you need to mind your own business about others people business. They told their story of their plans and they seemed really responsible especially for their child. END OF STORY

  16. nawor ffoeg says:

    I thoight he said 1990

  17. Gives vibes of relaxation and lots of love and support great little family 😁

  18. M Hodges says:

    Beautiful baby and parents.

  19. Lucy Tustian says:

    What a lovely young family… Best wishes to them for a lovely future together. 🙂

  20. very nice but what i notice …… he never carry his baby….

  21. Skav RR says:

    New subscribe from Brazil, nice videos!

  22. malayabird says:

    Good luck man i pray to you happy family 👍👍

  23. thanks for the impressions. i left you a subs. all the best. christin

  24. Joyce Brower says:

    Great video! Enjoy this time together! Prayers for safe travels!

  25. amirol azami says:

    i always wish for this kind of lifestyle..but how about financial source?? how they survive financially??

  26. Linda Wolfe says:

    Lovely family….I admire what you are doing..

  27. Forest Ray says:

    Nice job living on your terms and not everybody else's.

  28. rdm6912 says:

    Thank you for showing a video of a family! It's fabulous to see others traveling with their kiddos!

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  30. Tam M says:

    Baby looks at dad talking and cuts a huge grin. Awww.

    Van life with family DOES work. I spent many of my summers in my childhood living with parents and later up to four siblings in either a topper on a pickup, or in a Suburban. After there got to be six kids in the family my parents bought a Bonair tent trailer with three beds and, an icebox, and a stove.

  31. ConnollyCove says:

    Great idea!!..Enjoy your adventure. 🙂

  32. Elsa Rhae says:

    I love this! Such great inspiration. I live in a 13ft Scamp and I aim to do this with my child (who won't exist for a couple more years), but most people try to discourage me from the idea of living off grid with a newborn/small child. Our species has raised children with so little for hundreds and thousands of years that seem ancient to us now. I've followed them on instagram to continue encouraging them to explore and pave paths for future nomadic parents! Thank you, too, Mat and Danielle for spreading incredible awareness. We need more of ALL of this! <3

  33. jootai says:

    gad damn hippie!!!!

  34. jb2._ says:

    Is that a grinder and a apple pipe at 1:13 ?

  35. Abe Bueckert says:

    Love your videos!! Inspiring for me because I want to try the van life soon!

  36. BigTuna762 says:

    This is awesome, but 4:35 who cuts an onion like that?! WTF?! hahaha

  37. Phil LeBlanc says:

    Thanks Matt and Danielle!! More babies!!!

  38. das hasguns says:

    Put in a baby hammock, so when you are driving she can rock to sleep.

  39. Yeah you guys checked out Randy Jones of Incredible Tiny Homes on FB, YOUTUBE, & Web site? Just wondering. They had an all women's workshop on July 16th, 2017. That was my birthday that's how I remembered it… lol… There going to be doing a big thing in October 2017. Selling tickets $20.00 for a chance for a tiny home built there @ the shin-dig. Must be present to win. Proceeds going to some organizations? I think not 100% forsure! I think it's on the website.
    Loved the video. Keep doing what ya do. Always nice to see you on my notifications.
    Best regards, Chris from Missouri

  40. Brilliant video. Hope they continue traveling as their baby gets older, what experiences she will have. 🙂 love your videos Matt and Danielle, not been to Canada yet, working our way there eventually! On another note to the negativity posters, why do these things have to end up as a 'us against them' debate? Regarding health care, I'm a Brit and quite happy to pay my taxes to fund it. The service is far from perfect due to the usual funding issues but at least I know if I end up in hospital I'm not going to get a massive bill for it.

  41. Franck says:

    Hi guys, we are just back from 75 days in our 91 vanagon westfalia with our almost 9 months old baby. We did the east coast of Canada, spent most of our trip in Newfoundland. We had the best time ever! Would be nice to meet you guys some time.

  42. Jon Mapa says:

    This one looks a bit too hoboish for my taste

  43. Oohhhh, she's adorable! What a sweet family!

  44. rene29200 says:


  45. A lovely couple with their little one…

  46. Jonas Bittel says:

    You can only travel with a 3 month old baby for 1 month. (Then ist is a 4 month old baby)

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