The Truth About the Documentary ‘What the Health’

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  1. Kinobody says:

    I hope you enjoyed this long and in-depth video… If you disagree with any aspect of the video. Please, share your argument. I challenge you to find anything Chris or I said, that you disagree with and why. The fact of the matter is the documentary doesn't support the body of research today. As well, it fails to address the biggest predictor of heart disease and diabetes – being largely over weight and over consuming calories.

  2. You're a fuckin idiot kinobody, you know that?

  3. I’ve been a vegan, vegetarian and meat eater. I’m thinking of going back to veganism (about 5 years total during last 10 years). I train like a 22 year old athlete although I’m close to 50. Ive got more knowledge now to get the max out of veganism.

    This is pure sophism – random apologist naysaying

  4. Because you are academics and have used research and primary sources

  5. Peter Rabitt says:

    The regular consumption of animal foods cause disease. But sure, you can go ahead and eat your meaty diet and be very healthy if you exercise, until you hit about 45 or 50, then oops….major diet related health event hits you "out of the blue." So, Future Greg, do not say I didn't warn you. The less animal foods and the more whole plants you eat now, the better.

  6. alix lawson says:

    Hard to watch, don't make a video with no educational background, embarrassing.

  7. N Joy says:

    Oh man, who ACTUALLY believes the garbage Beavis and Butthead here are spewing?! I think these two must go to Dr ZDogg for their checkups. Ryan was right….total 'bro science'

  8. spare me the bro science batboy!!

  9. Greg the type of guy to make claims and then back them up with scientific peer reviewed literature

  10. People saying that Greg and the other dude are "uneducated", when really they are just pointing out the flawed logic of the case studies attributing meat being the cause of being a fat ass, inactive, poor diet. Please, vegans, I'm not saying your whole food plant based diet is unhealthy

  11. Crazy the amount of dislikes. Do the vegans in the chat room agree that the studies in the documentary are EXTREMELY poor case studies? Where are the studies comparing people who are active and not obese?

  12. your personal opinion and feelings got roasted by real science here

  13. Testimonial! I became slim and healthy with minimal exercise, while eating as much as I wanted on a whole food plant based diet. You guys are wrong on this one. Thumbs down 🙋

  14. Vinnie j says:

    lol…Should have named this Broscience vs Real Doctors. Regarding saturated fat & cholesterol, you're being completely brainwashed by the very industry selling products high in sat fat and cholesterol. It's never been debunked, just manipulated. You can even find youtube channels that actually have real doctors showing you how the pro-saturated fat and cholesterol studies were manipulated. Stop spreading this dangerous broscience. There is a reason why heart disease is our #1 killer and it's because of the brainwashing caused by the food industry.

  15. Wow! You ignorant neanderthal! Your dietary advice almost killed me! I had to have stents from eating the animal products you recommended! I went wholefood, no oils vegan for 1 year after that and my cardiologist was shocked at my complete recovery! Off ALL MEDS AND MY ARTERIES ARE CLEAR! Anyone listening to you two mental midgets and believing your bullshit is risking their life! CHANGE YOUR DIET ADVICE OR GET THE FUCK OFF YOUTUBE! I would sue you if I could!

  16. coza10 says:

    The truth about talking over the top of the documentary every 5 minutes with a closed mind..

  17. coza10 says:

    I think you guys should learn the meaning of the word "truth" before you stick it on a video full of absolutely opinionated bullshit.

  18. Aesthetics does NOT always equal health. You're education and experiences are based on nothing but ungrounded bro-science backed by the same inaccurate and deceptive stories of blog / book authors and online 'experts' whose education is built on equally poor research that is not evidence based or peer reviewed. Google vegan athletes and grow up.

  19. You losers are going to die of a heart attack one day. You have no clue about health or nutrition. Absolutely clueless. Saturated fat and cholesterol is directly correlated with heart disease. Cholesterol being the leading causal factor and the evidence for that has only got stronger.

    Trying to debunk the facts about cholesterol is like trying to debunk gravity. Which believe it or not, losers from your demographic have actually tried to do.

  20. tries to debunk
    uses broscience

  21. I see the films reference list and studies. where are yalls?

  22. How about fact checking before talking?

  23. Varia says:

    you are pro-heart disease and rape.

  24. Juan Diego. says:

    The truth? ? Wtf !!! Jajaja

  25. DEErockP87 says:

    well, u clearly don't know jack shit

  26. hammypie says:

    Kinobody "debunking" solid nutrition science LOL you're retarded bro. Hilarious video tho.

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