Girl in Charcoal Aug-22 practice – Art Video

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  1. Volkan Spy says:

    Slow video record please.

  2. Do you use soft box lighting for these impeccable vedios ?

  3. Ysue Bujiang says:

    Always a pleasure to watch your videos. It inspires me every day.

  4. yagitka says:

    Who's that one f'king dislike?!

  5. senin gibi bir insanın bir müslüman olması gerekir.çünkü bu allah ın verdiği mükemmel bir yetenek.umarım şuanki hayatından ve yaşantından mutlusundur.

  6. Red Sprites says:

    What brush styles did you use?

    Huh? Then how many layers are in this?

    Wait, what software is this?!

  7. Thank you for this beautiful Video, i'm Lucky to See This, you are a very Talented and Good Artist and i Hope to get anytime in a Position near you with much artwork i've done. I wish you a happy year I do. now a year abroad and have less Time now to watch your videos 🙈

  8. in my art class,i always get so much compliments but not much criticism.And i usually hope i could learn from what they do see.But you are just absolutely fantastic and i hope i can be a great artist as you one day:)

  9. Hello, I like your videos, can you will be this channel Ellen Sunbeam

    Drawing Audrey Hepburn by Ellen Sunbeam
    Портрет "Унесенные ветром" (Portrait "Gone with the Wind")

  10. Ac30Corks says:

    >Girl in charcoal practice

    Why call it practice when its perfect unlike mine

  11. Another stunning portrait could watch endless amounts of these

  12. Sandy Bel says:

    the music for adriana lima video

  13. Very nice. Just a couple quick critiques: her right hand looks like an old lady's hand, and that same arm is severely warped. The face is great, the hair is great, but everything else. Not so much.

  14. Can you make a practice video without time lapse? To show exactly how you fill in masses and render your drawing, and also how you give highlights and which charcoal pencils you use for which part!?
    I love your artwork very much 😊😊 it's amazing!

  15. G Graham says:

    Isn't this Bridget satterlee?

  16. John Carter says:

    she looks like Cara Delivingne

  17. Vuong Tung says:

    Good work <3
    By the way,may I know the name of the song ?

  18. snoopaka says:

    Fantastic. Love how she turned out. This one the hands were my favorite part to see come together

  19. I look forward to each and every one of your drawings! Superb!

  20. Great work as always, GWAA

  21. Jose Bndsck says:

    X, where d you get your reference from?? Great video

  22. Please, please, please PLEASE draw anyone or anything from Lord of the Rings.

  23. George Kings says:

    i love this portrait .!! <3

  24. It's Bridgett again!

  25. Lisa White says:

    💗I love your art💗

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