The World’s Most Advanced Camping, Hiking & Travel Tech Backpack

The World’s Most Advanced Camping, Hiking & Travel Tech Backpack
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  1. Amber H says:

    Floss, I think this post put them over the top. :)!

  2. Rolly Kalaw says:

    Hey floss can you send me one

  3. It's a dope azz bag and worth the money!!!

  4. I like the bag, but why is the power Bank so huge you can get much smaller ones in there and make more space for stuff

  5. likearc says:

    I love you floss and all your videos but that backpack is too gimmicky.

  6. That bag is actually dope!

  7. jay siv says:

    Thats some dope tech. Ghostek is lucky that you reviewed this bag for them. Did it justice!

  8. Shane Kelley says:

    I see you with the bbq lol ever thought about some different sauce reviews? it aint tech but who doesnt rock with some good bbq?

  9. Onix Navarro says:

    And still had room for the Harachis.

  10. Johno Scott says:

    S_N_A_P!! ! I dont go anywhere without MY BBQ sauce either !

  11. Hey floss, hey white shoes. Hope you do a review on the JBL Boombox.

  12. Sam Griffin says:

    Floss you are a Marine? I'm going to Paris Island in October!

  13. Message Man says:

    How many phones do you own

  14. rtaga78 says:

    So we get the bag and refund if they don't reach their goals?

  15. Holy fuck your almost at 650k already, last time I checked you were at less than 200k!

  16. Ivan Trudeau says:

    The BackPack is BOSS, what can i say ? Thanks for the video FLOSS !

  17. Chris Birch says:

    Great review. This look worth every penny and then some. #salute

  18. WiLL. iAm says:

    Damn floss how many phones do you need for a camp out….lmao

  19. "size 12….ladies" 😆😆😆

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