Dr Oz. Weighs In On Vegan Hype After ‘What The Health’ Documentary

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  1. Graham S says:

    You're talking pretty fast there Dr. Oz… you lying bro?

  2. vegan x says:


  3. shah ghajar says:

    What a fucking lying twat. You americans are so dumb…

  4. I tell you I'm so excited to finally see the world transitioning to truth! 😄👍

  5. AJ Writer says:

    I'm glad he cleared up the moderation myth. I'm doing a vegan "diet" challenge this week. It's hard. I miss fish.

  6. The grocery store is a pharmacy? Yeah and the meat and dairy section is actually filled with lethal injections

  7. Kamil M. says:

    This guy is so full of shit…. it is incredible being such a slimy dishonest wanker…. he would sell his own family for a little cash


  9. Cured myself of RA rheumatoid arthritis and high cholesterol by going vegan no longer take any Pharmaceuticals 0

  10. san eee says:

    I'm a boxer I lift weights I run I do it all a lot better than people I train with. they ask how I do it. I say stop eating meat an we can talk

  11. Lela Arneson says:

    Good job OZ. I was afraid you would poo-poo- the health evidence out there but I am thinking you probably have been living and eating like this for quite awhile yourself.

  12. First they ignore you.

    Then they laugh at you.

    Then they fight you.

    Then you win.

    Hang in there fellow vegans.

    Our voices have become too loud to ignore.

    The end of animal exploitation is near.

  13. Troy Stamnes says:

    What the Health is such a biased disaster it's unbelievable. No control groups for the studies, everyone backing the film is vegetarian…. yeesh. People are more than welcome to be vegan/vegetarian for numerous reasons, but at least educate yourself on both sides, not just the side you support.

  14. Dr Oz is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR. His show misleads the viewers to support Big Pharma. Sadly, I worked in R&D (for Pharma) 10 years ago.. IT HAPPENS PEOPLE!! If you follow the $$$$, he's paid by Pharma. They make money off ignorance that leads to DISEASE. How can he sleep at night?

  15. i watched it last night and now i'm attempting to jump on the vegetarian or vegan wagon

  16. Jayyy Zeee says:

    Finally! A big celebrity doctor endorsing veganism!

  17. koko kaa says:

    There is a reason why rich people live longer…they eat MEAT…meanwhile filthy peasants are eating cheap ass oats and rice….

  18. Jordy Molina says:

    Guys and Girls, becoming vegan is so good! It is hard at the beginning but in the long term it becomes easy. After trying this diet, you start to realize how hooked you are on cheese. I have quitted smoking. In my opinion, quitting cheese is more difficult than quitting than smoking. After a week of becoming vegan you start feeling more energetic. Also, you stop craving so much food. I have always wanted to have a six pack and this was so difficult to me because I always ate a lot of junk food after two/three days of regular diets. With vegan food, you stop craving all those junk foods. I recommend you to see meat cheese butter as an addiction because it is. If you don't believe about this benefits at least be courageous enough to try it for as long as you. The worst thing that it could happen is that you might have save some extra money because vegetables are so cheap.

  19. With a VEGAN lifestyle who need Him…? jesusneverexisted.com

  20. ahealingtree says:

    Hey you might want to interview me and check out https://www.facebook.com/RBGandVegan/. Be vegan for 30 plus years. Read Our Journey RBG, and Vegan.

  21. Bobby Hunter says:

    Romans 14:2
    Verse Concepts
    One person has faith that he may eat all things, but he who is weak eats vegetables only.

  22. sindysinger says:

    He hasn't watched the movie!

  23. Trish Moore says:

    I've been telling folks about this but once again, if ur not a doctor nobody listens.Alkaline the blood my people & lets ride high on health, now that massa said its vegans who r the truth.

  24. Andy Vegan says:

    I'm so happy veganism is spreading like wildfire! A vegan world is coming. There will be those who will resist but soon enough they'll be minorities until that mindset finally dies out. And good riddance when that day comes.

  25. ultra king says:

    So far feeling good.. Vegetarian now.. Going on two months now.. Feeling stronger and better… More energy too..

  26. Dr. Oz is full of shit. Ketogenisis is far healthier.

  27. Veganism? Pfffffft! Human EVOLVED eat Animals over MILLIONS of years. Deciding that eating plants is healthy is complete bullshit. Dietary Cholesterol does NOT affect Serum Cholesterol. Newsflash! The human metabolism runs on CHOLESTEROL. CHOLESTEROL is a FAT. CARBOHYDRATES are the foundational cause of Cardio-Vascular Disease. I will not respond to any Vegan responders because you have chosen to remain ignorant of the evolutionary evidence of the physiology between humans and our closest primate relatives. After comparing the digestive systems between chimpanzees and humans it will become apparent that chimpanzees have a much longer intestinal tracts humans. They also have smaller brains. Eat your veggies Vegans it makes you brain smaller. Oh yeah and you vegan mothers be sure to poison your babies with soy milk formula instead of breast milk. The absurdity of attempting to ignore evolution only demonstrates ignorance which is certainly a choice.

  28. Raymond Pang says:

    The future of health, an the environment, longetivity is vegan. I want to influence as many as I can in my journey, so check me out on IG veggie.soy.boy because as a rower and an athlete, I want people to care for animals, envirnoment, and thir health so hit me up, I FOLLOW BACK IF YOU'RE FOR THE CAUSE.!!

  29. Some big bridges your making DR OZ… Spit shit please back them up with facts!

  30. I had cancer and no legs, i went vegan a minute ago and now im jesus!

  31. One thing the What the Health documentary shows us is how it will never be publicly announced to use food to prevent such diseases as diabetes cause if that happens what happens to the money making Pharmaceutical industry.

  32. Eating a plant-based diet is easier than you think – Learn everything you need to know on Ordinary Vegan Podcasts on iTunes or on the ordinary vegan website

  33. Go all the way with vegan. Why 20% crap in your body? I never felt better, lost weight, have tons of energy and I am now living a life in alignment with my ethics. In addition to that, it is the best thing that you can do help climate control, and the suffering of animals.
    "Try it, you'll like it."

  34. Asia @Me says:

    Check out the documentary "What The Health" right here on Youtube.

  35. Thank You Dr.Oz For Always Keeping It 200%

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