30 Amazing Street Art

From a monstrous looking house to a a nifty and amazing brick wall art piece, here are 30 Amazing Street Art.

#11 – Monster House
This isn’t the actual “Monster House” from the movie, although it looks really similar. If you walked around the corner and came face to face with this creepy painting, you might be headed in the other direction pretty quickly. What is this building anyways? Does anyone live here? If so, what kind of person are they?

#10 – Riding The Waves
Here is another example of the smaller forms of street art illusions. The two jet skiers you see in this picture won’t be getting much air, or even waves for that matter, since they happen to be riding around in a puddle.

#9 – Up, Up and Away
The balloon enhanced car you see floating in this picture clearly belongs to the old man in the movie Up. He already had a ton of balloons attached to his house that picked the whole thing up and lifted it into the air, is it really all that crazy to think that he wouldn’t do the same thing to his car too? He didn’t, but the artist who made this piece made it seem like the story fits.

#8 – A Family Fishing
Seeing a bear family enjoying time at the river catching fish is definitely a sight to see. Seeing that sight in the middle of a street isn’t something you would ever think would happen, yet here it is. The person who crafted this huge masterpiece clearly paid immaculate attention to details; it looks so realistic.

#7 – A Well-Placed Message
It’s hard to make ugly concrete blocks into anything even remotely interesting, but this person certainly succeeded. More often than not, when people are given or come into large sums of money, it ends in destruction and sometimes even death. It looks like the message in this picture is “More Money, More Problems.”

#6 – A Helping Hand
Offering to help others seems to be something we lack in our day to day lives. People are so caught up with their own lives and what they are doing and where they are going that it’s more like we walk through life wearing a set of blinders instead of having a pair of eyes. This example of street art may be small, but to those who see it, it is a reminder to lend others a helping hand.
#5 – Musical Steps

If only these colorful steps played an equally colorful tune. Although the stairs pictured here are painted to look like piano keys, we know that having them actually play music is just wishful thinking. We love the idea behind it though.

#4 – Climate Change Matters
Just like the message in #20, this street artist clearly had a message they needed to tell the world, and it’s a good one. As you can see, this giant hourglass has a city at the bottom that is slowly drowning with each drop of water that comes from the melting iceberg on top. This is an excellent way to bring attention to a very serious problem.

#3 – An Entire World
We need to know how many people had to be involved before this epically awesome street art project was completed. Just look at how large this huge piece is! Hopefully, they created this with waterproof paints so that the painting sticks around for awhile. It would be such a waste if this amazing piece just washed or rubbed away after only a few days.

#2 – An Escape With Every Step
If you are an artist, you don’t have money to travel the world, but you do happen to have a series of steps, we have a DIY project for you. As you can see from this picture, someone amazing person took the time to carefully paint different scenes on each and every step. You could pick out your favorite places in the world and paint each step as a representation of the place. Each time you walk up your staircase, you would be traveling the world.

#1 – Part of the Design
If these were real kids, they would be dominating the hide-and-seek game. Well, maybe not the one with his head poking out on top, but the one directly in front of the brick wall would. If the seeker kept checking out this wall from an angle directly in front and didn’t bother to look from the side view, this kid could, in theory, be hiding there forever.


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