12 Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know!

Summer is a time for traveling, so we’ve prepared great life hacks any traveller should know. These travel hacks will help you to make your packing easy and voyage exciting.

Supplies and tools:

• Ziploc bags
• Paper
• Pen
• Knife
• Lighter
• Board wrapped in foil
• Felt
• Hot glue gun
• Velcro
• Scissors
• Cotton pads
• Flat tops
• Makeup
• Adhesive tape
• Stapler
• Plastic bottles
• Plastic shell from a Kinder Egg
• Screw eye
• Buttons
• Toothbrush case
• Fleece
• Swim ring
• Marker
• Little box
• Cardboard
• Thick fabric
• Rivets
• Rivet setter
• Disc magnet

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  1. Thank you soooooooo much for sharing this travel video. Because I'm going to a trip soon???????? you guys are genius! How did you think of that! I wish I knew things as well! Your videos are amazing!????????

  2. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. I love u'r videos I have seen your all diy videos I just want to meet you

  4. sorry but you do not need that stupid details for the purse just like you said use gosh dange super glue ,

  5. I agree lindagamerandsong

  6. Kali Sandoz says:

    The poll is wrong 80% chose yes 19% chose no

  7. Duck Nybs says:

    What is "Cleansing milk?"

  8. wow your videos are always fun to wathc i wish everyday troom troom make videos everyday!!!

  9. I love your videos and photos and channels

  10. Saboo 2017 says:

    She sounds like Siri

  11. can……….can I use this for moving?

  12. I love love love love love love love love you troom troom

  13. ameliamak says:

    the way they say button crack s me up

  14. "Let's hope you won't need any drugs on your trip" xD

    And yes I know they are used for medicine take a joke people xD

  15. Cut off a little kids swim ring errrrrrrrr

    It kinda sounds like you stole it ………..

  16. so bad????????????✂????

  17. so bad????????????✂????

  18. bhsa1980 says:

    I love it it's cool babe

  19. Th Voul says:

    You are sooooo clever????????????????????????

  20. Fiyaz Mughal says:

    These are some really interesting travel tips, I might try them

  21. Ade Co says:

    I love troom troom

  22. Lol7aa a says:

    You deserve more subs

  23. GOOGLE GIRL says:

    well do you know how to make sugar paste

  24. Begay Njie says:

    I love your channel????????????

  25. Florin Teo says:


  26. Cara Halsall says:

    I've had a inhaler for a couple years a brown inhaler for asma

  27. Hema Tater says:

    Where we got the valcrone

  28. Best video ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Myself Slim says:

    My child
    Love you guys she can watch you allday????????

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