UPSIDE DOWN ART CHALLENGE! – (Feat. ME hanging from my Ankles?!)

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  1. Llamalus says:

    If you wanna know why a Mario + Rabbid game is sponsoring an Artist who makes YouTube videos than first think about how crazy that thought sounds. Then let me explain it to you. The idea of putting Mario and Rabbids in one game together was so goddamn random, that they decided to sponsor some totally random YouTuber. At least, that's how I interpreted it…

  2. Bob Ross would be proud.

  3. It's comforting to know you sometimes do fail at these impossibly hard challenges

  4. When you got the art skillz, but need a challenge.


  5. Mickey Cake says:

    So nobody is going to comment about Jazza beating the devil out of it 👨🏻‍🎨

  6. Jazza suddenly got hips when he got on the upside down thingy… AND I LOVE IT XD

  7. "I'm gonna wash this brush and uh… (I'm gonna beat the devil out of it) So uhh." 2017 Jazza Quote

  8. Mostly shtupid things.

  9. peach looks like a monkey

  10. You are on another level. Huge fan and incredible respect for your gift and teaching abilities.

  11. Would like to point out that being upside down for too long WILL cause death. Knowing that made this video really stressful to watch ;-;.

  12. Travell says:

    Pause at 6:34 and you will see my expression to this video.

  13. "and do stupid things…." like hitting yourself with a hammer in the face….. hahahahhaa LOL

  14. Ask Epic says:

    You painting upside down is still way better than me painting normally

  15. R07CC says:

    Obnoxious, but consistent.

  16. Abner putra says:

    do super saiyan blue goku

  17. AClass360 says:

    I have an idea! try and making a painting using the techniques from "The joy of painting" with Bob Ross.

  18. If a 4 year-olds could draw that well then the artist business would be booming

  19. If i did that

  20. 3:51 needs to become a meme right now.

  21. Liza Brown says:

    If an Australian paints upside down is it technically right side up? 🙂

  22. Ilovezec says:

    Hey Jazza! You should draw with make-up!

  23. Becca Porter says:

    Did anyone else watch Jazzas show?

  24. Maxi Kopp says:

    If you watch the video up side down it all makes sense

  25. Who else turned their phone upside down ?

  26. Max Moore says:

    Lowkey waiting for the apron and shirt to fall from being upside down

    Everyone wants to see a little bit more of jazza let's be real

  27. Sabryna Poi says:

    4 year old me can't do shit right side up

  28. Yael Fishman says:

    If you want to learn Japanese just watch Japanese shows. That's how I learned how to say I'm sorry in Japanese.

  29. SeanRingan says:


    (The way how i think you could do it:Draw a scene then animate it on the progam that you animate with)

  30. That camera, those angles, that editting… This is so professional, I love it

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