Health Nuts Swap Diets With Junk Food Addicts

“So, I‘m eating grass?”


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  1. Xepher x says:

    "health nut" almost has no proteins or fats in her diet RIP Vitamin b12 she's probably just as unhealthy as the girl eating junk food

  2. Asuna Hiroku says:

    YB is lucky.. She has FAST metabolism.. I have medium.

  3. kate smith says:

    Molly Burke started this. Just saying

  4. Kessy Bean says:

    Casually eating fries and drinking soda while watching this

  5. I'm the vegan health nut😂

  6. Petco says:

    Me eating chocolate sees the vid *throws chocolate across the room* *yells MOM DO WE HAVE CARROTS* mom no me shoot

  7. Sihu Bitches says:

    I've been a healthy eater pretty much since I was little. Started slipping out of convenience and now I have pancreatitis. Please be consistent with your diet, whether it's healthy or unhealthy. Putting your body thru that shock is bad for you!

  8. Loufoca13 says:

    Cleansing your body with juices or food is not a real thing by the way. That's you're liver's job and it doesn't need some green juice to do it.

  9. My mom 1 year ago: why do you always eat Doritos?
    My mom now: why are you always eating cheese puffs?
    Me later: Ok. Why are YOU always eating steak?

  10. Thank you for sharing this!

  11. krisable28 says:

    I hate those Asians that can eat whatever tf they want and still be anorexic-skinny 😒

  12. At 2:16 she looks so high😂😂

  13. Has anyone tried Fenoboci Diet Plan? (google it) I have noticed several amazing things about this popular fat burn secrets.

  14. The cat in the beginning of the video looks EXACTLY like my cat 😍😍

  15. kayla mullen says:

    Me being unhealthy:
    Eats Boxes of donuts eats fries eat chips and soda and eats sweets and junk food

    Me eating healthy:
    Drinks fruit water and eats watermelon No one can get more healthy then me

  16. HoneyIsB says:

    Why the frick is that girl so skinny

  17. The "gluten free" girl annoyed me because I have celiac disease, which is an auto immune disease that when you eat gluten it kills your villi. And a gluten free diet for a healthy adult that doesn't need to be gluten free it's really not a heathy deit

  18. I'm a mixture of both, green smoothie for breakfast, cheese quesadilla for lunch and healthy dinner with maybe a brownie after lol.

  19. This was all over the place 😕😕

  20. "I got kinda hangry" WTF IS HANGRY?!

  21. She's just like I finished the smoothie while driving more like she threw it out the window while eating nuggets

  22. The asian girl looks like she already eats healthy and the heathy girl look like she like junk

  23. Tonia VN says:

    I was disgusted by how much junk the Asian girls eats….but whatever

  24. I just eat both. I really like fruit, and junk food.

  25. Dude i feel you on those sweet chili doritos.. they are my munchie weakness!

  26. Walter Zhao says:

    Wit she can't eat pizza she's a vegan tf

  27. Hmmm. Food diversity is the key. Take food like a medicine and an adventure

  28. Lau says:

    just…mediterranean diet guys. a bit of everything, well combined. there's no need of either cutting up of everything tasty and carbs or cutting everything that looks remotely green. combine it. and bathe it in olive oil. thats it

  29. Cool Sachi says:


  30. 2:27

  31. Am i the only 13 year old out there that would rather eat vegetables more then sweets

  32. If you dont want junk food dont eat it fine dont eat it, its better for you anyway

  33. Bliss Carys says:

    Why does the end of the description on this video say "gullible"?


  35. Me: I'm going to be healthy

    Next day: (sitting on couch and eating chips)

  36. Tim on says:

    not too much gluten = healthy
    Well, you learn something every day.

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