ZARA HAUL & TRY ON // August Pre-Autumn 2017 // Fashion Mumblr

A pre-Autumn Zara Haul & Try On from my recent shopping trip to the Regent Street London store! #FashionMumblrHaulWeek!
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Autumn Winter Trends // What To Wear Now –


❤ Featured in this Video ❤

Zara :
Worn with dress;
Black Belt :
Suede Shoes :
Bag :


❤ What I Wore ❤

Pink Knit Top :
Hexagon Necklace :
Ring :
Lipstick :


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  1. I can't find that floral dress on the Zara website! Can you link it? It's so pretty!

  2. Maya F says:

    I have been looking for a good fashion channel for so long now. Finally I found you! Great content, very helpful and educational with the trends, and i really like your style =) <3

  3. Does anyone know of any inexpensive white jeans that aren't see through? I'm struggling to find some

  4. Bea Goodwin says:

    As usual, you look amazing in all the pieces.

  5. Andrea Mead says:

    Your hair is lovely in this video, please do a tutorial on how to achieve soft romantic curls!!!

  6. Hi Josie! Great video as always 😍 where did you get the white textured jumper that you styled the leaf earrings with (at about 7min 50sec)? Xx

  7. Gemma R says:

    Accessorize are selling loads of statement earrings at the moment and they're quite well priced!

  8. bought that green floral dress because of you! awesome piece and so comfortable to wear!

  9. Chloe Moyo says:

    Your hair looks so lovely

  10. Yes Zara haul🙌🏽😍❤️

  11. I can't wait to buy a faux fur coat. Maybe a few

  12. Is there a link for the white pearl top?

  13. I have watched your video marathon 😘😘😘

  14. Your hair really suits you like that Josie! 💖

  15. ne da says:

    i cant find all the link there are just 3 links, am i missing something here?

  16. k sh says:

    Why you don't list the clothes(pieces) you got down below ? Only the zara page

  17. aybuke says:

    I am watching your videos non stop lately 🙂 your voice is so calming also even though we are not similar in terms of style you inspire me

  18. I've been scouring the Zara website for that floaty floral dress and it's not on there! I think hauls should include current pieces otherwise it's really frustrating to see something you really love and then not be able to actually buy it!

  19. Love this video!!! Can you tag the clothing pieces???

  20. Awww babe your channel is growing so swell. Keep up all of your hard work it is really paying off xox

  21. Model mouth says:

    What setting do you use when filming on epl8 please? i really struggle with my lighting and quality in my videos, however yours looks spot on! xx

  22. Anna Armena says:

    I just discovered your channel because one of your videos was recommended for me on my start page.. you are absolutely gorgeous girl 😻 Love your style! Greetings from 🇩🇪

  23. hello, j aime beaucoup le pull blanc en maille(lignes) avec les boucles d oreilles feuilles, mais je ne trouve pas la reference du pull HELP thank you

  24. Klimt Kahlo says:

    I wish you had the links for the clothing you got!

  25. sfex9 says:

    To be fair high waisted jeans were unfashionable and nowhere to be found from the mid '90s to a few years ago. I'm not sure they're gonna stay for long

  26. How are you going to wash the pearl shirt?

  27. Hi, loved your haul.. can you please send me the link for the Zara midi dress..

  28. The dress is stunning on you.

  29. Where are your shoes, that you are wearing with the jeans, from?  They aren't linked.

  30. Your voice sounds kind of like Emma watson

  31. Tay D. says:

    Why does Zara have such a bad customer service rep? I live in the US, but have heard it all over. We have Zara's here rather low end items, same for Top Shop in our Nordstrom stores.

  32. You always look amazing and share great items! Thank you!

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