What Koreans Think Of Unique American Fashion (Seoul Fashion Week) | ASIAN BOSS

This time, we asked people at Seoul Fashion Week to react to some unique American fashion, which lead to them giving interesting insight into how Koreans think of certain fashion trends.

The opinions expressed in this video are those of individual interviewees alone and do not reflect the views of ASIAN BOSS or the general South Korean population.

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  1. Asian Boss says:

    We're taking a break from our usual heavy topics to bring you some insight into how Korean people view Western fashion trends so hope you guys enjoy the video. Subscribe to our channel if you like how unpredictable our videos are!

  2. Ammy Geiger says:

    "There shouldn't be any right or wrong choices when it comes to fashion." Same guy who said he would refuse to let his girlfriend wear something revealing. He's a walking contradiction that thinks he owns his girlfriend's body. What a man.

  3. Amy Xu says:

    OMG girl with the headband and hoop earrings, everything she said I agreed with and she was super cool. I wanna be her friend.

  4. Enso LLC says:

    You should have show them 420 dreadlocks fashion, the emo/gothic, the Hipster etc.

  5. Kat says:

    As an American, I can guarantee you that NONE of the fashions mentioned in this video are American fashion. In fact, this video is literally the first time I've even seen these fashions. It would be appreciated if you did a bit more research about a country and its fashion culture before portraying it on youtube incorrectly.

  6. Olivia jr. says:

    I do not know any Western wearing like Lady Gaga.Only celebrities.I dont think it was a good example

  7. Evnoiia says:

    That first guy was sculpted by the gods ????

  8. I Ko says:

    They're right next door to Japan and you're gonna ask them about American fashion trends????? In terms of the West tho, UK has the most innovative street fashion in my view.

  9. extra says:

    Whats's the point in this if Korea literally copies Western fashion?

  10. Ynot563 says:

    The only trend that probably could of been in the US that they showed was the first one…Otherwise all the other ones are just things celebrities or models would wear for shock value.

  11. American model fashion is everyday street fashion in Korea

  12. Panda Power says:

    Wow- all of this misogyny is really coming out! The women are like, "I would wear that, I like that- but I would get stared at and eye raped- but that's awesome, a woman is confident!'' The men are like, ''I wouldn't allow my girlfriend to wear that, I'd talk her out of it, or I wouldn't marry her!!'' What!?!?! So sad how women are oppressed in what can seem like the most subtle ways. Even in the west, women are not allowed to go to the beach or exercise, go for a jog, whatever, completely topless, and there is no logical reason behind it, only misogyny. It seems like the women in this video are decades ahead of these guys, the guys are in the 50s and the women are truly progressive at heart! The guy in the flower suit is so sexist, he says the women aren't comfortable with their sexualities, it's like, why do you think that is? It's because of people like you telling women that they can't wear certain clothes!? Duh!?

  13. K A Y L A says:

    all asian people have good fashion sense and they drESS so perfectly.

  14. 보라고 입어놓고 또 본다고 뭐라하고….

  15. The girl with the blue contacts and wavy hair and big hoop earrings is so gorgeous. And I also love her mindset. An individual should wear what they feel comfortable in and not care about what others think. We only get one life to live so we should live the way we want and we shouldn't have to conform to what society deems as "appropriate" or "beautiful". And each individual has their own sense of what beauty is. If someone feels beautiful in a crop top shorts and smokes eyes and red lipstick then let them wear it. And if someone else feels beautiful wearing something more modest like a long skirt and t-shirt with no makeup them again, let them wear it! Everyone is beautiful and we don't need to be Barbie dolls <3

  16. It's interesting that modesty, in terms of showing skin, is still very prevalent!

  17. geekly chic says:

    Americans do not wear this stuff lmao. maybe the bra top tho….

  18. K-Lynn says:

    My heart sank when she said she stopped wearing red lipstick because people ruined it for her 🙁

  19. Live Epic says:

    The last pic just makes the west look bad????

  20. Most of this stuff is Instagram, models, and celebs. Just because Taylor swift or beyonce wears something doesn't make it a trend

  21. RedAmalgam says:

    The last picture they showed was of Lady Gaga @ this year's Grammys lol….I doubt regular people would find this outfit so easily.

  22. The guy in the tacky white and blue suit was so annoying.

  23. Chloe Swan says:

    I'm glad that they don't reveal to much they have a mixture of elegance and sophistication in their style which is also very stylish but in California for example everybody is wearing clothes that are WAY to revealing

  24. 호성 2 says:

    사람들은 가슴이 크면 가슴이 크다고 가슴이 작으면 가슴이 작다고 뭐라하지……나쁜것들

  25. TEMPLAR KING says:

    The girl with the headband certified kawaii

  26. Not gonna lie i thought that was Mark Wahlberg with a different haircut

  27. 2fladoodle says:

    I enjoy headband girl

  28. But Koreans got the smallest dick in Asia.

  29. Muray Jade says:

    Shouldve shown them pics of girls nipples peeking through their shirts… That would be funny

  30. Redeemed says:

    This is more like what millennials in LA wear.

  31. 2Eliminator says:

    i like it how they realized that korean people copy too much instead of creating their own fashion, in this way there is no right or wrong ^^

  32. Daryl J says:

    You should try asking Americans what they think of the photos you showed. I can almost guarantee that you will have double standard responses, like that person is alright with those personal styles, however my wife, girlfriend and/or daughter can't dress like that.

  33. Alex Ramirez says:

    "There shouldn't be right or wrong choices when it comes to fashion"
    YAS. But let's please forget what happened in the 2000's.

  34. i dont know if its just me but 90 percent of the guys look the same from the back maybe its cuz most have same hairstyle hmmm. but i love korean fashion so much it looks so well put together

  35. Gama Mo says:

    이채널 인터뷰대상 상태가 다 메롱하네

  36. uf0s8mycat says:

    Who the hell is wearing those gold shoes?

  37. So very proud of the Conservative nature of the Korean youth. Liberalism is a mental disorder in the US today. It's sad.

  38. They’re worried about the fashion, I’m worried I’ll never get to meet one of those Korean guys and actually end up in a trash can

  39. esrow says:

    Omg is that Chantal Jeffries in the first picture? It looks absolutely like her

  40. This makes me miss Korea even more ????

  41. bobby bing says:

    R u kidding me cheap knock offs u haven't arrived just yet

  42. Jae Min Oh says:

    Who does these subtitles? Can't be better.

  43. Jon Doe says:

    okay, most of the so called "American Fashion" not even most Americans would dress like that…

  44. i love koreans but i wish they would be less judge-mental bcuz it is so mean to be judging people and it makes more people more confident and happy which i want society to be more.

  45. Rai Livi says:

    love the girl with the headband????

  46. Kirako Khor says:

    In terms of fashion, I think Westerners are better at being creative whereas Asians try to innovate and improve on the current trends. I tend to find Asians better at presenting themselves than Americans (at award shows, on the street, at work etc.) simply because Asians try not to be too extra with fashion and try to balance minimalism with unique.

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