Bruno Mars – 24K Magic [Victoria’s Secret 2016 Fashion Show Performance]

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  1. karan Sharma says:

    bruno is wearing high heels too ,lol

  2. Bruno Mars & The Weeknd got a lot in common

  3. Cali Livin says:

    Jasmine Tookes tho!

  4. the ladies smiles are 24k, gorgeous

  5. Toejam says:

    Ok so I came for the music ofc and this comment section has me like who the fuck is that kms

  6. pizzist says:

    2:45 I love Josephine's little dance it fitted so perfectly with the song and her outfit

  7. Duck Duck says:

    Lol pretty ladies instead of saying bad bitches

  8. Why does Bella Hadid always look so sad or way too serious when she walks this show? It's supposed to be fun more than high fashion.

  9. There is GAD ELMALEH in the audient Omg !

  10. misteeq64 says:

    Victoria secret please get Tyra and Naomie to show these girls are to walked properly THAT WAS ATROCIOUS

  11. SuperNad85 says:

    Slut show…pretty naked

  12. camila Puma says:


  13. Su Sue says:

    Bruno Mars had to wear man heels so the models only slightly towered over him. Lol so cute.

  14. Alicia H says:

    2:06 wow she slays in pink😍

  15. paige leah says:

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  16. isnt lyf gud 💕💖💋

  17. O.Y H.Y says:


  18. Kunal Khune says:

    Big dick negros gang

  19. QODAR SALMAN says:

    I only see kylie gale walk as victoria secrets i know

  20. Raven Lacson says:

    They're seducing Bruno Mars.

  21. Raven Lacson says:

    They're seducing Bruno Mars.

  22. Carlee Rose says:

    When Lily Aldridge walks, I think it kind of looks like a Sim

  23. Keith Carass says:

    Bruno wears bigger heals than the models 😂

  24. 3:04 Lenny Kravitz and Gad Elmaleh is a weird duo.

  25. So much sparkle i love it

  26. KatsN Kittys says:

    Are they cold or what?

  27. Who's the model that wearing pink at 2:10

  28. toujours aussi cool bravo !!!!!!

  29. Imene Bouz says:

    Gad el maleh dans la piste haha

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