Here are 17 weird fashion life hacks I feel every girl should know! My beauty hacks video had such a great response, I decide to show you all my favorite fashion hacks! What fashion hack would you use?! Let me know in the comments!

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Hello my Beauties! To all my new subscribers, my name is Yasmin or Beauttybird here on Youtube. I am just a fun loving ordinary girl who loves filming videos that have to do with beauty, fashion and lifestyle! On my channel you’ll learn how to do different makeup looks through my makeup tutorials and also find out my current favorite hair and beauty products through my monthly favorites and haul videos. I also have a crazy love with fashion and show you this side of me through my Get Ready With Me’s, Lookbooks, OOTDS, OOTWs, fashion and shopping hauls! Don’t forget to subscribe to see new videos at least twice a week! xoxo https://goo.gl/ZUlkqw

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  1. Shaikh Aadil says:

    Tera Milk pina hai mast hai Teri gand Marni hai

  2. Love the one for the jeans – was really upset that stodgy winter food has made me too fat for my favourite summer jeans – it is SO HARD to find white jeans that don't show your pants through them. Now I don't have to find new ones!

  3. Hey i love your videos. I love yuour grwm vidoes and how they are stright to the point. btw can you do a review of your 2017 shoe collection….partticularly flats. thanks

  4. I have watched so many fashion hack videos and your the only host that didnt annoy the heck out of me. You are straight forward and calm while the others are SOOOO overly dramatic and hyper. So keep up the calm and collective!

  5. Riley Hytree says:

    if u like theses go watch natalies outlet

  6. lovelife03 says:

    6:40 ketchup on nails? xd😂

  7. Swati Kamboj says:

    The silver cleaning tip works wonders 💝 Thanks 😘

  8. You've earned yourself a new subscriber 💗 Your so relatable I love it 😍💓

  9. I love u beautyy bird

  10. uuuuuh she just used other youtubers videos coz I saw vanessa Blancos curvy girl hacks, misslizhearts 10 life hacks every girl should know but I forget the other girls names

  11. you can use toothpaste to clean silver!

  12. Girl take out the metal from the bra! I do that to all my bras they aren't necessary!! Trust me

  13. M Danial says:

    have sex with me plz

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  15. TheMinxy76 says:

    Another use for panty liners is place them under your bra/cleavage area to prevent the dreaded "boob sweat", great tip for those large chested ladies who are prone to this during the summer and also prevents any sweat rashes or yeast infections plus it will keep that area of your bra dry.

  16. SHANICE xx says:

    Does soda water work and lemon juice ?

  17. Pysia 6 says:

    wszystkie znalam 👎👎

  18. you are soo beautyful

  19. Stuadh says:

    u can de-smell your trainers w/ tea bags, too

  20. jaipur girls call me 8949899088

  21. plaese subscribe🔔👍👈

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