What Your Lip Color Says About Your Health


Ever heard about the saying that your mouth is the door to your health? Indeed, the color of your natural lips actually reflects what’s happening in your body and is therefore an indicator of your health! So let’s find out what your lips are trying to tell you ^_^

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  1. Wow! This is what I heard from an oriental medicine doctor a few years ago. At that time my body condition was terrible. I had hypothyroidism and anemia. I didn't so much care about what I eat at that time and was under a lot of stress. The color of my lips was something like gray and dark brown. Nowadays I'm trying to not to drink so much coffee and try to eat healthy food.
    The color of my lower lip turned into pink (still a bit pale, though. I still have slight anemia.), however, my upper lip still has purplish black outline. Is that also the indication of the imbalance of yin & yang?(Well, I usually had eggs, mushrooms, and bananas often.) Or is that another sign of some imbalance in my body? I'll subscribe your video and follow your advice. Thanks a lot for the great video.


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