Gut Health: 9 Steps to Better Digestion


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In my opinion, gut health is the beginning of overall health. Conditions like leaky gut syndrome are linked to diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, diabetes, arthritis and more. Research also suggests there is a connection between your gut microbiome and your emotions. So you can see why your gut health is so important… Not to mention that an unhealthy gut can simply lead to uncomfortable conditions like constipation and bloating.

In this video, Jordan Rubin and I outline the foods, eating habits, essential oils and exercises you can implement to increase your gut health and improve your digestion. Plus, we tell you the emotions that are messing with your gut and the answers to your questions about water kefir, aloe vera, probiotics, kombucha and more.

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  1. Mike Adams health ranger just did testing in his lab and this brand ancient nutrition is contaminated. I'm really pissed because I was buying this product to HEAL my GI tract and trusted dr axe

  2. it's NOT TRUE FOR ME!!!!
    i chew my food very well….
    ..before i swallow my food..
    and i have really bad
    indigestion..i can't seem to
    digest my food's
    so frustrating..i struggle
    with mental health issues
    and IBS life
    fucking sucks😢😭

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  4. If your slogan is "food is medicine", I don't understand why essential oils are even mentioned on your channel. They absolutely aren't food. Definition of food according to the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary: "material consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, and fat used in the body of an organism to sustain growth, repair, and vital processes and to furnish energy…". They are volatile oils, not essential fatty acids.

  5. Constipation is EVERYONE's health issue. I have long felt health shouldn't be so complicated! When I was a kid, teen, young adult I had 3 bowel movements daily and was sooo healthy, energetic, & athletic! I also feel EVERYONE currently on Earth has SOME degree of low thyroid function due to the nuclear radiation of the 1940's bombing of the 2 Japanese cities, extensive world-wide nuclear testing fallout, several nuclear plant radiation leaks, nuclear waste-dump leaks, thinned ozone & magnetic shield (previously protectors against cosmic radiation) along WITH a severely low intake of iodine everyone is experiencing (unless you are a daily consistently-high consumer of seaweed/kelp).

    Low thyroid function CAUSES CONSTIPATION: you ARE constipated if you eat 3 meals daily but do not have 3 bowel movements daily (3 in, 3 out!). The intestine gets packed with waste products that accumulate bacteria, & not fully eliminated, the barrier function of the intestinal wall weakens & toxins enter the bloodstream & are spread throughout the body causing various reactions, auto-anti-immunity, & inflammation. The infamous 'leaky gut' now in 'fashion' among alternative health guru's.

    THEN TOO, there is the issue of food lectins aggravating the intestinal wall:

    As Dr. Peter D'Adamo claims in his many books, articles, website regarding eating the proper foods for our blood type in order to avoid specific lectins damaging to our particular body:

    "The actions of lectins in the digestive tract can be even more powerful [than in the bloodstream @ previous sentence]. There they often create a violent inflammation of the sensitive mucous tissue of the intestines, and this agglutinative action may mimic food allergies. The key is to avoid the lectins that agglutinate your particular cells—determined by your blood type. For example, wheat germ agglutinin, the most common lectin found in wheat, binds to the lining of the small intestine, causing substantial reactions and irritation in some blood types –especially Type O."

    Also, epigenetics (our thoughts, feelings, behavior, actions/inactions, etc.) is a highly important factor in our health status!

    Why does 'leaky gut' (aka CONSTIPATION) cause sensitivities & 'food allergies?' When particles & toxins enter the bloodstream that normally shouldn’t be able to, the immune system basically goes into 'overdrive,' working hard to do what it thinks is beneficial for the body by raising immune responses. Intestinal hyperpermeability ('leaky gut'/CONSTIPATION) makes the body produce a high level of antibodies, with the hope of defending the body from dangerous particles.

    This means the immune system is extra cautious & reactive, so it tends to negatively respond to foods that it used to tolerate better when we were young & not constipated, especially things like the recently-altered (1970's) wheat-gluten, & pasteurized & especially homogenized (altered) dairy foods. While some food sensitivities or reactions are obvious, others are more subtle & can easily go unnoticed as being due to food, since they produce what’s known as 'low-grade systemic inflammation.' This becomes dangerous over time & can cause a range of inflammatory diseases so, successfully addressing CONSTIPATION is THE key to re-balance!

    BOTTOM LINE: Simplicity! Balance the constipation issue!!! Take thyroid glandulars & around 12 MG. Lugol's iodine daily. Meanwhile. . .

    Cascara sagrada is a VERY effective natural herbal constipation remedy (HOWEVER, NEVER EVER take a WHOLE capsule, – open it up & begin with a VERY, VERY small amount with meals several times daily, until you find your level of need, as taking an entire whole pill WILL give horribly painful cramps. One capsule potentially
    can last several days.). AND eat foods that are specifically for your blood type to eliminate lectins. Get daily exercise, & shift to being a consistently-positive rather than negative person, too. Immerse in your bliss-passion[s]!

  6. Doc thanks a lot for this video
    I have hypo thyroid diabitice and BP on higher side since last three years n developed after I operated my umblic hernia. Now I have put on lots of weight. Unable to loose but I Have indigestion problem every now n then.i am vegetarian. I follow all your videos. Now I found out that I am having lots of frustration and anger in me . I wasn't like that. Need your help🙏🏻😊

  7. dr kellogg had people chew each mouthful 75 to 100 times… he aslo said protein was not healthy and toxic — lost a lot of followers. my god it would be monotonous to chew each mouthful 75 times – but I agree got to chew to let the saliva do it's thing but numbers are just plain dumb and boring
    …and the mono meal thing jeez Shelton's hygiene systeme been proven very wrong

  8. I have Crohns disease and I really don't understand how people are claiming to cure it naturally, aint no way you could have cured my colon with diet and natural medicine. It perforated last year.

  9. Wow! This is seriously such an answer to prayer as I've been struggling with some gut issues and have been on a search for a comprehensive solution. I was just typing on youtube hoping to find a resource that is reliable and wholesome, then half way through watching your video it turns out you guys have a faith and refer to the Scripture for restoring health. This is revolutionary and totally God's intention! Thank you for all that you're doing and sharing, may God continue to bless and expand your work. Can't wait to tell my friends about you guys!!

  10. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in the fall of 2014 and was put on pharmaceutical medicines. First time in my life I had to take medicine and I'm 63. Well, my femur bone broke about 4 months ago now I have to take more pharmaceutical medicine. I have always tried to take care of my body the natural way….GOD's way. Grew up on a farm with whole foods to eat. Would love to know how to treat naturally.

  11. My disabled adult son has no teeth. We have been slowly changing his diet, but the problem we have is that he cannot properly chew his food, he actually is able to eat steak,and most vegetables if they are cooked softer. I chop his salads etc. He cannot chew the recmmended amount (probably even if he did have teeth) lol. He refuses to eat ground up food. Do you have any ideas to help improve his digestion? What do you think about stewed apples w/cinamon, oatmeal w/ground nuts and raisins…good or not so good? Thanks in advance!


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