How I Travel on Budget pt. 2


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  1. I saw your 50 facts video and now these 2 videos, and I must say…truly an inspiration.
    Also, being a vegan…you must have experimented with quite a lot of food varieties and cooking methods. I will still give a personal suggestion to look out for more vegan/vegetarian recipes from India, as still around 40% of India is vegetarian (not vegan…but, still will do by removing milk,if any) for good quickbyte and healthy recipes which you can cook at home or during travel, including the dishes for the aromatic basmati rice and kidney beans soup(We love them in India). Also, spicy food will suit your taste buds.

  2. I just envy the peace you have, with you ,inside you. No fancy bullcrap, happy with small things … I wish I could achieve the same peace in my mind… You are the wealthiest man with the happiness than no other can afford , #Respect my man… 🙃

  3. Video is great, we can learn about travel, food, fitness, calisthenics, budget, but can please someone reveal the formula of how this guy manages to sleep for 10 straight hours a night? I cannot do this in my own home in a bed, nevermind in a different climate and environment, in the woods and not in a safe environment

  4. hey there, your video really inspired me and since i wanted to travel in my vacation anyways, i've decided to try a budget trip similair to yours. I know it may come of cheap, to just copy what you did, but it seems like the ultimate achievement of freedom, fun and peace, in these modern and constantly by the media controlled times. of course ill make some adjustments and the location will be another one, but i still want to have a comparable trip. But since it would be the first trip like this for me, i have a few questions:
    1. how exactly do you strat planing? do you pick flights first and then just see what to do in the country or do you set up a plan/ route etc beforehand and then book flights.
    2. how do you pick your routes, under which criteria?
    3. i didnt see many cosmetic products in your backpack, i dont mean lotion or makeup, i mean things like sun blocker or mosquito spray. didnt you have any problems with that, you seem pretty untouched of both.
    4. didnt you get any legal trouble for just sleeping outside?
    5. how did you charge your electronic devices over the time ? i mean, 1 powerbank couldnt have lastet you a week, could it ?

    sorry for the long comment, but im really interested and excited about your video and justcant stop thinking about the trip

  5. You should do more of those man i love nature but thanks to you i have an urge to explore it even more i believe you should make more videos like those to motivate others to go outside and enjoy the awesome world we live in 😀

  6. Let me give you an advice with the PET bottle shower. Do not unscrew the bottle cap completely. Do it half way and let the water leak through the mouth of the bottle. In this way you can use the same amount of water four of five times longer. Were you able to take your firestarter to the airplane? Was it not confiscated? Great video!ATB, Géza

  7. You're so funny dude I lost it when you told us what's for dinner today hahaha. Question, do you have any favourite books on minimalism? I reckon you read a few, thanks in advance


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